SaskTel CEO Confirms New iPhone in June

Remember those rumours about a new iPhone coming out June 22? Canadian regional carrier, Sasktel, let slip a mention about a new iPhone launching in June during an announcement of their new 3G network, confirming the rumour. CEO Robert Watson said:

“The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.”

It goes without saying that this is probably something he shouldn’t have mentioned, since letting the cat out of the bag about an unannounced device is an easy way to get in Apple’s “bad” books, and possibly even getting axed from the launch, but hey, at least we’ve got some more to ride on regarding Apple’s booking of the Yerba Buena Center on June 22.

There has been a healthy dose of speculation lately about what the next iPhone will bring to the party to compete with the likes of the HTC Incredible – it seems likely that a forward-facing camera will be in there, and it will be hard for Apple to really keep pace with the competition if they don’t upgrade the screen and camera resolution (960 x 640 and 5 megapixels are expected).

[Leader-Post via AppleInsider]

  • RW

    If this is correct, it kills all rumors of a CDMA version of the iPhone – since Sask Tel is switching their network to fit the iPhone 3G. Why would they do that if there was a CDMA version of the phone that would already work on their CDMA network – sorry Verizon, enjoy your, ah, droids.

  • VWallday

    To all those that don’t know Verizon has already begin to set up a couple of the phones on there network up with SIM cards to be able to take on the iphone. gotta love it!(hahahahaha)(in my cruela deville voice)

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