iPhone HD / 4G may rock Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology

There are a lot of unknowns fueling iPhone 4G/HD-related rumors right now, but we’re of the mindset that there’s always room to add more fuel to the fire. The latest bit of speculation on the next-generation iPhone hardware has to do with its display. We’re already expecting the iPhone HD to sport a slightly larger, and higher-resolution (940×640) display than the current-generation iPhone 3GS. Now, we’re hearing that the iPhone 4G might just blow away the AMOLED-using smartphones competition out there by using Samsung’s unparalleled Super AMOLED display panels. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology is, without a doubt, the absolute gold standard for OLED panels – and it would be a great fit for Apple’s next smartphone.

The Super AMOLED speculation stems from two key points. On the one hand, there aren’t too many AMOLED panel manufacturers in the world capable of keeping up with the volume that Apple demands for its headlining products. Just look at Apple’s demand for NAND Flash memory chips. When Apple puts in an order or ramps up production of an unreleased product, they gobble up soo much of the NAND market’s supply that it affects prices and availability around the world. To that end, Samsung is really the only AMOLED panel maker with the production chops to keep up with Apple.

Secondly, oled-display.net cites industry sources in speculation that Apple wants to use OLED-based technology in their future products. The next product on Apple’s roadmap is the iPhone 4G / HD. Samsung’s Super AMOLED panels offer 20% greater brightness, 80% less reflectivity (better for viewing in direct sunlight without getting “washed out”), and manages 20% better battery life. Presuming Apple wants to make a big splash with the iPhone HD’s display, the Super AMOLED would be a perfect fit.

We had a chance to check out the Super AMOLED display on Samsung’s Galaxy S, which was unveiled at CTIA Las Vegas. We have no doubt that this particular panel is without rival in the smartphone world. Check out our hands-on video of the Galaxy S to get an idea for what the Super AMOLED display looks like (below).

It would be incredible to see a Super AMOLED display on the iPhone HD/4G! But, that’s all just hopes and dreams, at the moment.

  • Andrew Willson

    Can i use your video review on my website?

  • Concept

    Apple need to show boobs if they really want to get their grubby hands on the Super AMOLED technology. Samsung will not give it up very easily.

  • Din

    Now Samsung is almost the only one with enough resource to make a lot of AMOLED display:

    But, its resources is not enough to iPhone market.
    The new iPhoneHD would have about 1.8M LCD resolution, but Samsung now has under production a new SuperAMOLED 830K equivalent, because the different pixel technology of Samsung, with that LCD.

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