White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Coming to T-Mobile May 5th

White BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile

Get ready for some White BlackBerry Bold 9700 goodness from T-Mobile. That is, if you believe a convincing shot from T-Mobile’s internal systems (I see no reason to doubt it!). Keep an eye open for the new 9700 on May 5th, which is when the device is supposed to make its debut in retail. If memory serves me correct, the new white version has already shown up on T-Mo UK and NL… and other carriers are picking it up like mad. Must be popular, it’s spreading like wildfire.

I’d sure like to see more color options from RIM moving forward. Heck, even if it’s just a choice between white or black would be nice… I have a feeling many folks are tired of the ‘old standard’ when it comes to their Berry’s livery, right?

[Via: TMoNews]

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