Nemotek Designs Wider Field of View Lens for Mobile Phones

Nemotek Technologie has introduced the first wafer-level, one-element lens with a wider field of view. The new component covers more optical space then traditional one-element lenses, enabling greater viewing range, but still with an ultra-thin form factor.

Nemotek is the first to leverage the benefits of wafer-level technology to customize a wider field of view that is up to 65 degrees with its new one-element lens while traditionally lenses tend to be limited to 60 degrees field of view.  Ideally suited for next-generation mobile phones, and more specifically, video applications, the new one-element design features high image quality and extremely low distortion. Expanding the market for wafer-level technology, Nemotek’s new one-element lens pushes industry technological limits to obtain higher lens specifications for mobile users.

Pretty cool, huh? We always like Mobile tech components that improve the specs of devices, and this is no exception. Combined with a power image sensor, you potentially have the ability to narrow that gap with standalone digital cameras a bit more. Me personally, I’ll be happy the day I don’t have a need for a digi-camera and can just carry my smartphone as the main snapper!

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