Samsung confirms new OLED plant – will go online January 2011

The iPad 2 – that’s what this post is mostly about – or at least the screen anyway. Currently there’s a nice LCD screen doing the business in the iPad, but everyone knows that the holy grail of pretty colours and non-thrashed batteries is OLED. So would it be unreasonable if the next iPad had an OLED screen? Not at all, I hear you say.

Well that’s lucky then, since Samsung just confirmed they are going to have a new OLED plant online by the start of 2011. They will start installing equipment in Q3 2010, and the plant will go online in full capacity in the January 2011. According to the article in, they still plan to make small OLEDs for mobile devices in the new plant, but will this new plant be used for larger panels, like those required by Apple’s upcoming 2nd-Gen iPad?

Who knows – I’d guess about 12 months’ time will give us the answer though.

[Via: via (in Korean)]

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