Wild Calls iPhone app is made to increase awareness of the plight of endangered species worldwide

The Center for Biological Diversity is using the iPhone as a medium to spread the message and spur people to take action to protect wildlife. Their app is called Wild Calls and it brings endangered species sound each week to the iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Here’s the official pitch (from the press release):

The free application allows users to receive a randomly selected endangered species sound each week (or more frequently if users choose) via push notification. Through the “Call of the Wild” feature, each week one of 30 endangered species sounds will be randomly selected from the Center’s library and “pushed” to app users, who can then experience a genuine recording of an endangered species in its natural habitat, recorded by someone in the Center’s global network of researchers and wildlife advocates. Users can then download the sound as a ringtone or browse the app’s gallery of additional “Rare Earthtones” to download additional ringtones, along with matching wallpapers, or learn more about endangered species. Another feature of the app, “Wake Up Wild,” allows users to make their cell-phone alarm clock play an endangered species sound as their wake-up call.

Additionally, Wild Calls also allows users to subscribe to Endangered Earth Online, weekly newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity; and to respond to action alerts from the Center by signing letters and petitions in support of protecting endangered species.

And for the record, this isn’t the first mobile project of the Center for Biological Diversity — in 2007, they launched a free ringtones website RareEarthtones.org, which now features almost 100 ringtones.

Wild Calls (FREE) [iTunes link]

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