Nokia 5800’s firmware reaches version 50.0.005

Nokia has updated its once flagship 5800 XpressMusic smartphone. Here’s what’s included with the latest firmware:

  • Kinetic scrolling in application menus (like in the Nokia N97).
  • Ovi Maps 3.03, which includes Lifecasting option as well as the free car and pedestrian navigation.
  • Ovi Store client updated.
  • Windows 7 device stage support.

In addition, many of the known bugs have been fixed for performance and stability reasons.

As usual, we advise you to backup all your data prior to pushing any “Update” buttons. Sure, there is the User Data Preservation included with the 5800, but an additional (manual) backup certainly can’t harm.

And as you know, you can update your firmware either over-the-air (OTA) or using the Nokia Software Updater (part of the PC Suite software) when the 5800 is connected to your PC. If you opt for the OTA update, it’s advisable to connect on some hotspot to save some money on mobile data costs.

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  • Kia

    I’m downloading the updated by Nokia Software Updater.
    At fist, Nokia Updater estimated that the size of this update is about 145 MB. but now the downloading status is on 247 MB and this process is continuing.
    Would you please tell me how much is the size of this update?
    And, should i continue?

    • oysned

      I had also experienced the same thing. What I did was uninstall the PC Suite & NSU, then reinstall the latest version. Fixed. Hope this helps.

    • GloopyFlopNZ

      I updated mine about three weeks ago; only issue but significant one is that the new pretty calender alarms with animate green and amber stop/snooze arrows dont work and I have to press the "hang-up" red button to stop the alarm sounding. As a result one cannot STOP the alarm. Pressing hang-up is like doing a snooze so it keeps coming back every five minutes until after the appointment time – very painful and embarrassing in meetings.

      Other than that no problems and nice improved look-n-feel gui


  • Somesh Kumar

    I have updated my 5800 with firmware version 50.0.005 and I am not experiencing any problems. The only visible thing in this update is kinetic scrolling in application menu.
    The custom version displayed on my phone is 50.0.005.C01.01.
    The 3rd party application SMS Timer provided by nokia is still not working in this version. Sad!!!

  • Somesh Kumar

    I forgot to add an application update i.e. OVI sync.
    OVI sync has been added in this update.
    Using this you can sync your data such as contacts, sms, notes, media etc… with you ovi account.

  • shirish

    If you are using the PC suite / Ovi Suite then its reasonable that you are downloading that much. Nothing wrong. Instead try using OTA (*#0000# -> options -> check for updates) it’ll be done with only 9.47 MB of downloading


    • Aliyu Stores Nigeria

      my version is 11.0.009 but when using OTA it tells me no available updates, and with the PC suites it goes beyond the 139MB to almost 300MB and nothing at last.
      Pls can u help?

  • rajesh kaswan

    music player is also updated

  • jim

    Have just updated to version 50.0. No improvements at all. The battery now lasts less than 8 hours and the phone is very slow to respond. If anyone knows anyway to remove this and revert to the previous version, please let me know

  • Sam

    I too have the same problem. The battery lasts less than 8 hours and it’s irritating. Phone has become very slow and that’s really irritating.

  • vishnu

    the same problem iam facing. it is very slow now how to remove it can any one tell me

  • Casper

    Same prob. Just updated and now my phone is just, SUPER slow!

  • Anton

    Mine is slow too

    What is now a new peroblem is when I receive an incoming call or a reminder pops up there is a new way of either answering/rejecting/silencing on the screen (anyone see it…arrows that run sideways across screen?). Pressing on these do not work. Please help as I must answer/reject using green/red buttons and I cannot stop the reminders ringing

    • friend

      Just swipe on the direction it shows. things will be done!

  • Casper

    That’s from the last update.. 🙂
    You have to slide your finger in the Arrow (same way as it shows) to answer/reject a call 🙂

  • yogesh juneja

    you can contact Customer Care of Nokia, just dial- +918030303838 toll free no.
    Language Supported:-English / Hindi / Tamil / Telugu / Kannada / Bengali / Malayalam / Punjabi / Marathi / Gujarati….they wil let you know what to do…

  • harshana fernando

    i too have the same problem…
    can anyone tell how to resolve it…???plz….
    um totally confused…:(

  • heller

    i did the upgrade too and i love it. Only bad thing is that scroll gets stuck ands keep in scrolling. Not too often though.
    Anyway i think this is faster now. Best update was the browser. It now goes fullscreen when site is loaded. I’ve been waiting it since it tried n97.

    Good one nokia o/

  • Lance Reid

    slow? I had the same problem… All i did to fix is was a reset.

    1. Backed up contacts, calender and notes using ovi sync program on phone
    2. Removed my memory card, backed up music, movies, pics and any other personal docs… Using my pc and card reader, as the phone was slow. And formated the mem card
    3. Turn phone off, turn back on again… Read careful now… Once you see the screen go white as you turn it on… Before the ‘nokia turn on tone with the 2 hands’… Hold the camara button, green button and red button all at the same time… Untill the phone is totally on..
    4. The next thing the phone asked me was to select my location… That means it has reset. If it has not try again, i only got it right the 3rd time round. I also noted my theme, apps and user settings was gone, so the screen vibrated everytime i touched it. Just put all apps and settings back.
    5. Insert mem card back in phone. Retrieve contacts, calender and notes from ovi sync…
    Note! All other data is lost… Version software was still 50… if you still want to save your messages i used ovi suite. Worked for me and 4 other users i know of.

    • PRITAM

      thnxxx so much bro….really apreciate it…helped me soo very much…bt m not able to get d RIHANNA thing n OFFICE as well…HELP, IF POSSIBLE….THNXXX 1NCE AGAIN…TC 🙂

  • ceo_kinze

    I updated my nokia 5800 XM via OTA and got v50.

    is it possible for me to have the v 50.005.C01.01 via Nokia updater?

    • oysned

      It is possible by changing your product code

  • kumudush

    i updated my nokia 5800 xpress music using updated nokia ovi sute. I don't have any problem untill now. so far so good.

  • savio

    my themes are not working in my cell phone 5800 xpress music what should i do please help me i have updated my cell phone to 50.0.005.c01.01 so tell me what is d problem

  • sai

    The touch vibration got sucks

  • superStar02

    to Sai, my touch vibration sucks as well! the level 2 is much more stronger than level do we have a fix for this? I want the v40 soft touch vibration. pls help!

  • becho

    after i updated it to this version ,i found it hard to make calls or txt messages .the phone looses its network signal very quickliy as well


    mine is too slow after the 50.0.005 upgrade

  • Ken

    why is my software updater says that the lastest version for my phone is v21?
    i cant download v.50

    somebody help.

  • rashid

    i have upted also via pc… the issue is that it does not edit pictures now like i used to do before in the gallery… any solution??? plz mail me at

  • Alireza2242

    I can’t dl it. Coud you please tell me how could I dl it with my PC.

    • ALINOOR_9

      u should first down load NOKIA PC SUTE

  • Suhail Ma

    thank youuuuu

  • Behzad Fasih

    u r not honest about ur link!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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