Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible does TV-out, but only through composite video

The Verizon Droid Incredible, made by HTC, is pretty damn incredible (pun most definitely intended) Android phone. It may not feel like a solid piece of unibody aluminum like the kindred Google Nexus One, but it makes up for that with a feature-set that’s unrivaled by any Android phone currently available. Included in its laundry list of high-end hardware specifications and features is the apparent ability to output everything on its display to a TV screen. As you can see from the below video, an optional microUSB-to-composite video adapter turns the high-powered smartphone into a portable media hub.

Now, we have to wonder why HTC would give the Incredible video-out capabilities through composite video rather than build in support for HDMI standard. The HTC EVO 4G, slated for Sprint’s network later this year, sports a dedicated HDMI-out port that pushes both HD video and audio to a TV through a single cable – so we know it’s definitely possible. On the other hand, the EVO 4G is being billed as a media-monster, whereas the Incredible is a bit more toned down in terms of its multimedia chops.

If you’re one of those lucky few who have already taken shipment of the new Android phone from Verizon today, you might want to consider grabbing this optional video-out cable. Those of you still on the fence – does this feature make the Incredible any more appealing to you? Or, would you rather wait for the EVO 4G?

Check out IntoMobile’s review of the HTC-made Verizon Droid Incredible here.
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  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Evo 4G has a larger screen, and thus more space in the guts for additional chips. I bet they wanted to put HDMI out on this thing, but they simply didn’t have the space on the motherboard.

    • Will Park

      Damn good point.

    • Me

      Is not a THING? It’s the INCREDIBLE….

  • Seymour

    How much is the cable and what about audio? I still think the EVO has a lot of additional features that the Incredible does not have. I’m a long time Verizon customer but I’m still on the fence, even with my contract being up, I’m on the sidelines till this summer before I make a move.

    • Will Park

      You can find the cable at

      • Ryan

        No you cant….I even called and asked the representative. So why would they advertise it and its not there? Stupid people!

  • LoveThat

    @Will Park

    Could you please link the cable? I cant find a microUSB to composite cable anywhere, not even on Wirefly.

    • Will Park

      Hold tight, digging it up!

      • trench0r

        Still waiting on that cable link

        • Scott

          This Will guys an idiot….A simple answer for a simple question would be great dumbass!! Where can you get this?

  • Scott

    The title of the article says Composite video, but he then later says it’s Component video. Which is it?… because there’s a huge difference.

    • Will Park

      Right you are, the post has been updated with corrections. It is composite, not component – huge difference.

  • Thor May

    I work in China. Here are some thoughts on what phones like this could ultimately contribute:


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    Internet bars often have an atmosphere and culture that many find intimidating, girls in particular (frequently their parents forbid them from even going to these places). They cost. They are burdened with all kinds of government surveillance.

    Colleges typically have junk heaps of old computers that are either poorly maintained by ignorant staff and/or blocked from any useful kind of Internet access. Any access time is severely limited. Whole roomfuls of stuff are really only for display to impress visitors and make publicity photos. Again, even where access is available, ignorant, research-hostile surveillance may be a major problem. The machines are often riddled with viruses, and infested with key logging and other intrusions. Administrations are also wary of download costs. In short, many educational supremos are devoted to curtailing any kind of independent self-education by students.


    Internet access by phone is frequently cheap for students, and this is the main medium by which many students access the net. Often it is their only access.

    Problem 2:

    Mobile phones have tiny screens and primitive input.


    A solution should be technically feasible. Market touch phones that have :

    a) video-out plugs that can run any available screen, from disused computer screens to MP5 players, or even TVs.

    b) rewire so that the phones can operate while being charged (to preserve battery drain)

    c) desirable: add a USB host function and universal keyboard driver to the internal software, to enable these phones to make use of standard USB keyboards, and printers too.

    With these three rather technically basic additions, any G3 phone could become in effect a tiny computer ready to make use of any available peripheral. Sure, they might lack the speed and flexibility of a normal desktop, but by making use of cloud computing applications they could do most of the standard production jobs that students require, and of course give credible access to that most remarkable of all universities, the Internet itself.

    If students controlled their own computers in this way, we could see a true revolution in education amid even the most recaltricent of political and social environments.

    • Ross

      Looking to purchase a Verizon Droid HTC Incredible – need to know if it will work in China?

  • Lorri

    I've search everywhere and can't find the cable. Can someone please provide a link?!?

    • Steve Hanson

      as far as I know, the cable isn't yet available anywhere.

  • funiwant

    if it's not available anywhere, where did they get one?

  • Awesomeman

    This is the 10th posting online about this stupid cable and NO ONE has yet to include a LINK WHERE YOU CAN GET IT. As far as I'm concerened, this doesn't exist. Unless I can go on amazon or some other site and easily find it and buy it – forget it. This is a scam.

  • hurryup

    Estimated ship date is July 10th, according to Ben's Bazaar.

  • Andrew

    When I got my Incredible the guy at the store asked me if I wanted to place an order the cable, I cant remember how much he said it was, but I remember thinking to myself that I could probably find it cheaper online somewhere than buying it from Verizon directly. So I think the video out cable does exist, but its just not out yet.

  • orlando
  • Nickwhitmire

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