Sony Ericsson X10 Mini is pretty small Android device too!

Following a post I wrote yesterday about the Vodafone 845 being the smallest Android device, IntoMobile reader Darius left a comment saying:

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini is 83 x 50 x 16 mm.  So whilst it might be 3mm thicker than the Vodafone 845, it’s shorter and less wide.

So there you go – another contender for the smallest Android device around, and I think it could just be the winner! Size isn’t everything though (apparently – can’t say I believe it), so perhaps a feature comparison is in order in a future post. Both will not be the most well-specced devices, however, it’s always good to know which small Android is more functional 🙂

  • abc123

    I don’t quite understand why smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Back when the original iphone came out, I thought it was huge. All my friends that have this phone can’t put it into their jean pockets so what did they do? They went out and bought shirts with a front chest pocket big enough to fit it LOL. I kept telling them that all they needed now is a pocket protector, some pens, and a pair of glasses and they’re all set.

    And now we have phones with 4.3″ screens…wow. Even clipping that thing on your belt looks funny.

    Gotta thank Sony for not leaving out the people who like small and functional phones.

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