Update: HTC Desire to come in two flavours from 3UK!

As I reported the other day, the HTC Desire on 3UK is coming in two flavours, over the course of the next couple of months – the first flavour is vanilla (generic) version, without any customisation for Three – this is just to get the device out there and selling (with contracts I assume!). However, there is another branded version of the device coming with lots of Three-specific Apps preloaded, approximately one month later.

Well today, I got a pingback from IntoMobile reader Dhaunae stating that the generic version of the Desire that was purchased, does indeed have no form of Three Apps on it. Whilst it’s good that we’ve been able to verify the information that we got from Three, it is still a bit of shame because actually the Three suite of Social Apps is actually quite comprehensive: Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and Spotify to name but a few!

Ah well, at least generic-version-owning peeps will soon be able to download all the apps that the branded version of the device is getting 🙂

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