Facebook updates Android app with threaded messaging support

The Facebook Android app may be good, but it’s been lacking one key feature that has kept it from being as functional as the full Facebook website. Until today, the app has been missing support for Facebook’s threaded messages – a key component to the social network – that iPhone users have been playing with for a while. Today, Facebook has updated it’s Android app with a messaging feature that will allow users to read and send messages to others in their network.

Anyone with an Android phone can find the updated Facebook app sitting in the Android Market. The app is free, as is the update, so it’s not going to cost you anything to download and install. What’s new? Well, from the looks of it, just the messaging feature. The app now supports threaded message view, shows send messages and subscription updates, and even allows you to send messages via the Inbox.

It might not be a perfect replacement for the full desktop version of Facebook’s website, but this updated app does make it easier to get your Facebook on while away from your desk. Because, you know, work can wait.

Grab the Facebook Android app in the Android Market, or hit the link below.

Some people are reporting issues with the update. It’s not working for some. For others, it’s working just fine. All our Android phones are working just fine with the update. Proceed at your own risk.

– Facebook for Android (FREE) [Market link]

[Via: Phonescoop]

  • gdigenis

    thanks for the link, will. its too bad you didnt check out the android market and read the comments left by people that had already updated their app and are now unable to use the app.

    the updated app seems to be giving users issues so dont update unless you are prepared to not be able to use it

    • Will Park

      That’s unfortunate. I’ve updated my handful of Android phones (Droid, Droid Eris, Incredible, Nexus One) and not have any issues with any of them.

  • Rex D

    If the APP worked correctly! Many people are experiencing connection issues. I’ve got a Motorola Droid and the app is not functioning. I’m sure they are aware and “fixing” it… but as of now it’s broken!!

  • Dave S.

    Damn… I was excited about the update. I read the reviews in the market and it seemed like most Moto Droid users had success, so I decided to give it a try (I have a Moto Droid).

    I did a complete Nandroid backup first, then downloaded the Facebook update from the Market. FAIL. “Package file was not signed correctly”.

    Ok… So it didn’t install. No harm done? Wrong. Facebook has “Connection Reset” issues now. I did a full Nandroid restore. Still no joy.

    Bad Facebook… Bad bad Facebook. Do you test before you release software? My Droid now has no Facebook. This is a sad day.

  • Rex D

    I have rechecked it several times… it’s working now… took about 15 minutes, not too long to wait. Sorry I jumped the gun!!

  • Rex D

    Looks like everyone that was complaining on the Market comments is now changing their tune… people are starting to say the app is working again on their phones! LOL… we’re a bunch of whiney brats I tell ya!

  • Marin Perez

    I think the initial problems were due to Facebook itself being down. I’ve updated the Droid and its working well.

  • Sandor

    If only it were possible to remove the beta facebook app that came preinstalled on my spica, but i cannot find the option to do that :-/

    This new version looks much better i must say; Thanks for the tip!

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