GiffGaff rolls out some VERY competitive tariffs!

GiffGaff is back in the news again reports Mobile Choice, largely because this time they have some spanking tariffs that it is going to be hard to top – ideal if you need a second phone, or just want a better current deal!

For those of you that are not familiar with GiffGaff, they call themselves people-powered – meaning they reward members that introduce others. They don’t have any presence except on the Internet, so they have overheads too – which means the tariffs are very cheap. They do piggyback on O2 for their MVNO service offering, but their business model is very different!

Bundles such as these are very good value:

  • £5 – unlimited texts
  • £10 – 100 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited Internet
  • £15 – 300 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited Internet
  • £35 – unlimited minutes, unlimited text, unlimited Internet.

These are monthly costs, so as you can see it is VERY good value!

There are some limitations in place such as not including international numbers, and you not hooking up your mobile to a computer. Oh, and the unlimited Internet offer only last until 25th May.

Click here to find out more about GiffGaff.


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