New Vodafone UK mobile broadband deals are even better value

For UK customers wanting all the benefits of broadband on the move, Vodafone UK have upped their 30 day mobile broadband package to now offer a free modem plus 3GB of data – which has got to be a good deal in anyone’s book!

Vodafone are quite sure that their 3G network covers over 80% of the UK population, so the chances are that you should get good coverage in most places, unless you’re headed up some remote peak in Scotland or Wales perhaps.

For a slightly different deal, if you’re looking for a Laptop bundle, then Vodafone can help here too.  How about the Compaq Presario CQ61 laptop? You can get it for only £59 on pay monthly price plans from £30 and also get a USB modem stick and 3GB of data included so you can email, browse and chat on the go.

It very much seems like Vodafone are on-point with the very aggressive pricing needed to attract new mobile broadband customers – I may even if have to grab a dongle myself 🙂

You can find out more  about the 30-day package here.

  • nicolajames

    I often um and ah about going over to mobile broadband. But every time I compare broadband packages, mobile broadband seems to be getting slated for the speed. I've read studies that said the speed is fairly good but twice as many reviews complaining about the speed.

    I don't mind taking a slight reduction in speed, so long as the connection is reasonable. Can anyone clarify this?

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