Tesco Mobile exceeds two million users

Mobile New is reporting that Tesco Mobile now has over 2m users, after reporting a 14% increase in the last year! For those of you that don’t know Tesco, they are an all-pervasive Supermarket chain in the UK that basically does anything you could want to buy – including Mobiles!

Not so very long ago they secured the rights to sell the iPhone, becoming the third Operator to do so in the UK – the wonderphone is credited with boosting their users substantially. The fact that their MVNO sits on O2 probably didn’t hurt in getting that deal done either! Tesco has been dueling with Sainsburys in the UK for a long time, but one area where Tesco has really excelled is Mobile – offering some excellent deals – even cutting the price of iPhone tariffs.

Well what do you say? Tesco probably deserve a pat on the back, both for driving the price of iPhone tariffs down, but also changing the perception of Supermarkets as a valid place to get a Mobile contract from 🙂

[Via: mobilenewscwp.co.uk]

  • steven owens

    excellent deal just moved my 2 phones to tesco 1 on i phone contract deal and other on sim contract they also offer 12 months interest free credit on an iphone if you have a tescos credit card ideal if you r a low user on calls but wish to have the iphone .the sim deal is great with only one month tie in so if your not happy u can cancel or upgrade or downgrade your tariff 10/10

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