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Archos 5 now has full Android Market access

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 7:11 AM

The Archos 5 was the first Android tablet available to consumers. Sadly it was first to market, but it’s probably the last tablet you should consider buying. It’s been met with very mixed reviews. The resistive touchscreens doesn’t hep either. Well, this tablet has just shown off a tad bit of it’s newly acquired silver lining, as it now has full access to the Android Market!

While other Android-based tablets will come out with better specs, some may not have access to the Market. When the Archos 5 came out, the Android Market was obviously not available  but it did have some bundled applications. Now that users have the full Market at their disposal, they may not feel the buyer’s remorse that they may have been plagued with a couple of weeks after the purchase. But the lack of the Android Market didn’t make the 5 a bad device. It was, and still is a great media tablet, which is what it was initally intended to be in the first place.

The introduction of the Android Market on the Archos 5 should make potential buyers seeking an Android based tablet at least a little excited. Not only does this open for functionality for the 5, but shows that the Android Market will probably be ready when many of the tablets start flooding the market in the middle to end of this year. Not sure how applications are rendered on said devices,

A little while ago, Archos  introduced two more Android tablets at some great prices. Hopefully we will continue to see good things from Archos on the Android tablet front, before they get swallowed up by the flood of other, possibly more capable, Android tablets.

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