AlertMe free iPhone app maps energy use cost & CO2 in the UK

AlertMe has launched a free iPhone app called EnergyMap, providing users with a breakdown of average energy spend a year and the related carbon footprint comparing 408 boroughs across the UK from the Shetland Isles to Penzance.

Logging into Energy Map, the iPhone’s geo-location immediately locates the user, identifies the borough and presents the average annual household energy spend, a breakdown into electricity and gas cost, the CO2 emissions and ranks the borough from worst (highest) to best in the UK. In addition the 408 boroughs can be viewed A-Z to make it easy to find your home area and compare it with friends and family.

AlertMe, says: “Our aim is to make energy information available and understandable so that consumers can make decisions to act on that information and find ways to save energy and save money without sacrificing comfort. This national Government data on energy spend and CO2 emissions, is available but we wanted to make it accessible and useful too. Our new iPhone app gives consumers a tool to judge their own energy use against the average in their area and other areas of the country and allows them to take greater control over the amount they spend. By giving people the tools to understand how much energy they are using and what that means in financial terms we aim to help them not just to decrease bills but also to reduce their carbon footprint.”

A noble cause, and I’d say worthwhile given the eco-times that we now live in. If you want the App, you can get it by hitting up the link below.

EnergyMap (£free) [iTunes link]

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