Droid Incredible sold out online already.

It hasn’t even a full day of sales, and we’re hearing that Verizon’s new Droid Incredible has already sold out online. Yes, the first batch of available phones for online ordering sold out in about 6 hours or so. What makes it more interesting is that the device has been up for pre-order for 10 days already. You can still buy the phone today, but orders made now will be shipped on May 4th.

We’ve already put the Droid Incredible through its paces, and came out rather impressed. In some areas, like the feel in hand, and overall build quality seemed less than incredible, it bests almost all smartphones available today in many ways. While it may not be worth switching to Verizon if you’ve just bought a Nexus One, or caving before the Evo 4G comes out, those of you that have waited this long to jump onto the smartphone bandwagon might want to pull the trigger on the Incredible. Other, better Android smartphones, may be on the way but the HTC Incredible is one of the best smartphones on the market.

If you’re still not sure if you should just go and get one because of the price tag, then maybe you should head over to Amazon, as they have the Droid Incredible for $99. If price was an issue, no longer should it be.

Things are already looking pretty good for the Droid Incredible now. It’s a solid upgrade from the Motorola Droid, and it may likely beat the sales of its predecessor as well. With the nation’s first Snapdragon processor powered phone you can actually walk into a store and play with, that may be enough to take a look at the speedy device. That is, if you’re geek enough for something like that. Anyone have any projections of the Droid Incredible’s first weekend of units sold? Leave them in the comments!

Those who have already sold their soul to Verizon, how are you liking the Incredible?

Those of you still unsure about the Incredible would do well to check out our HTC Incredible review here.

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

  • Wowza Verizon!

    Got my incredible today. It is an amazing phone. Better than 3gs imho. I’ve owned the iphone too. This thing beats it in every way. Way to go HTC!

    • Nice phone… yes it feel a bit cheap and i like… However, I can’t let go my iPhone. I am so use to it.

      I won’t say it beats my iphone because my iphone always makes calls and ring when a call comes in! hahahah

  • Krissem

    I got my Incredible on Thursday. Great phone. I’m surprised that some of the reviews I’ve read consider the phone to feel cheap. Feels solid and expensive to me. The screen is… well incredible. Colors are vivid and bright. Fast? You better believe it. My only complaint is that they should have sold it with a bigger battery – the one with the phone just doesn’t last as long as I would like. This phone beats the iPhone in many, many ways. Well done HTC!

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