BlackBerry Slider 9800 Caught on Camera Running OS 6.0

BlackBerry Slider 9800

We’ve had our fair share of BlackBerry 9670 ‘Clamshell’ sightings over the past little while. If this form factor complete with OS 6.0, 360×480 internal display, WiFi, Bluetooth and of course full QWERTY keyboard does it for you… Good on ya… I’m not here to judge, but for my own personal tastes, meh, not a huge fan.

What I MAY be a fan of however is a new BlackBerry Slider. Images leaked from BBLeaks show off the slider, aka the BlackBerry 9800 in full-out Mr. Blurrycam goodness. In fact, sitting back and looking at these images I can’t help but wonder:

  1. Are these fake?
  2. Could the images get any more blurry?

Regardless, take them for what they’re worth. From what I can see OS 6.0 is running on-board, and the overall styling of the device seems to fall more in-line with current design. No clamshell ugliness here (sorry clammy fans), just clean lines and a Pre-esque feel with the QWERTY slider action.

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

  • Gabriel Ruppert

    sure looks fake to me…but i am interested in the device

  • CrackBerry

    Definitely fake. I've seen the real deal. This image looks like a Storm superimposed over a Bold 9700.

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