Clearwire bringing WiMax goodness to more cities

Clearwire said Wednesday it would be bringing its WiMax-based 4G to multiple more cities this summer but many people in major metropolitan areas will still have to wait.

The company, which is majority-owned by Sprint Nextel, said it will soon bring 4G service to 18 more markets by the end of the summer. This includes Kansas City, Kan.; St. Louis; and Salt Lake City, Nashville, Tenn. Daytona, Orlando, and Tampa Rochester and Syracuse, N.Y. Merced, Modesto, Stockton, and Visalia, Calif. Wilmington, Del. Grand Rapids, Mich.; Eugene, Ore. and Yakima and Tri-Cities, Wash.

As we’ve seen with our Overdrive hotspot, the service can deliver fast data on the go – the WiMax network can get to over 10 Mbps if the conditions are right. Clearwire also provides the underlying infrastructure for Sprint’s and Time Warner Cable’s mobile 4G offerings, so look for these companies to have service plans in the above markets soon.

So, that’s all well and good for those folks but I’m still waiting for WiMax in the San Francisco Bay Area. I know the people in Washington D.C. and New York are still itching for it too, especially as the EVO 4G is about to hit the streets in a couple months. The company has promised 4G service in these metros by the end of the year, so, hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long.

[Via Clearwire]

  • Paul

    There is 4G service in Washington DC already. It is "unofficially" available. I have the Sprint Overdrive and get 4g connections in spots around the metro area.

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