iPad could be Apple’s new cash cow – As in $1 billion dollars in first quarter

When Apple announced to the world that they managed to move 1 meeellion (1 “million,” for you non-Dr. Evil fans) iPad units in less than a month since launch – in just the US market, nonetheless – many pundits came away decently impressed. Were this to happen to any other company, everybody and their grandmas would be standing on their chairs and cheering in excitement. For Apple, though, it’s just another product launch. But, that doesn’t mean the financial ramifications are to be ignored. As Business Insider points out, Apple could move as many as 2 million iPads in its first calendar quarter of sales – that would give the company more than $1 billion in iPad revenue in just the launch quarter.

Figure it this way. Take Apple’s 1 million iPad sales and multiply that by an average selling price of $650. That gets you $650 million in iPad revenue – likely even higher at the time of this writing. If it takes Apple another two months to move another half million iPad units, they’ll have already broken the $1 billion revenue barrier in a single quarter. That’s definitely not chump change.

Chew on this – Apple as a whole pulled in $1.8 billion in revenue for the June 2000 quarter. This quarter could rival that revenue from just the iPad alone.

We’ll keep an eye on iPad sales for you and let you know if Apple manages to hit the $1 billion mark before the end of this quarter. Do you think it’s possible?

[Via: BusinessInsider]

  • Constable Odo

    Yessss. Eat your heart out HP, Fusion Garage and Notion Ink. I’m only giving props to Amazon’s Kindle since it seriously helped kickstart the eReading movement. I’m sure Apple will move at least 2 million iPads by the end of this quarter. I’m also willing to bet that new iPhone sales will go through the roof. Apple’s retail stores are going to be packed to the rafters and the halo effect will be over all their products. If iPad sales continue the rest of the year and iAd gets rolling, Apple is going to surpass Microsoft in market value before the year is over. Steve Jobs is a marketing genius. As far as I’m concerned he can lock down the mobile ecosystem tighter than a drum and reject any apps he sees unfit for use. Go Steve, go Apple. Now that’s a CEO that knows how to run a successful company. Imagine if he had been completely healthy these last couple of years.

  • e90fanatic

    I would estimate double of your prediction – $2b of revenue. Think about this quarter. At least 3+ countries will be getting the iPad end of May. I would assume the iPad sales will soar just as fast in EACH country. I myself has been waiting long and hard to get one in Canada and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • AusFest

    @constable odo
    You are one crazy homosexual! You can love whoever you want though. I wont judge. But I do believe Steve Jobs is into women.

  • Info Dave

    It’s beginning to look like Apple will sell as many iPads as they can make. About the time supply meets demand we will be entering the holiday season. Apple should get credit for turning out lots of a first generation product. Forget the marketing, forget the technology, forget the ecosystem, this is a manufacturing success story.

  • ido

    isnt the normal selling price 500 for wifi only and 630 for 3g. how do you get an average price of 650?

    regardless, your point is still well taken.

    • iPad Tony

      Prices for various iPad configurations range from $500 (16 GB wifi only) to $830 (64GB with 3G).

  • toddq

    Also keep in mind AAPL might be making some money off people buying the $30/month AT&T 3g plans.

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