Nintendo Shifts Focus To Apple; Considered “Enemy of the Future”

If you’re a regular of our little slice of blogging euphoria, then you might recall last month when we reported on a comment made by Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime downplaying Apple’s ability to provide a “viable profit platform” with the iPhone. Well, hold on to your office chairs (or toilet seat, depending on where you’re reading our site from) as it looks like Nintendo might have done a complete 180 in regards to what they think about Apple.

It’s being reported that Nintendo’s current President and CEO Satoru Iwata told his senior executives to consider their battle with Sony (manufacturers of the PS3 & PSP) a victory and to treat Apple as the “enemy of the future”. The reason for this candid comment was due to Nintendo’s recent profit loss, which is a first in the last six years for Nintendo.

Iwata-san is also promising Nintendo will launch a full force of its development & marketing artillery against Apple. Given how intense Apple’s development & marketing has been for all of its iDevices (seriously, I can’t watch an episode of Gossip Girls without an Apple commercial popping up), I’m certainly interested to see how Nintendo can meet, or even top Apple.

[Via Times Online]

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