Ovi Calendar 1.6 Beta brings support for multiple calendars

This isn’t the “pure” mobile news, as we’re talking about a web-based service. But since that service syncs with select Nokia devices, it is somewhat related.

Anyway, Nokia Beta Labs unveiled the new version of Ovi Calendar (1.6). Still in beta, the updated service brings support for multiple calendars, which is awesome (and possible with Google Calendar for quite some time now, FYI). In addition, you can share specific calendars along with any related notes and to-do lists. So now you can set up a calendar for your family, your sports team, or just your closest group of friends and know that everyone’s always going to be on the same page.

On the downside, as the service is still in beta, syncing with your Nokia handset may not be as fast as with the existing non-beta version. Beta Labs folks said they identified the problem and are working on solving it.

Finally, if you care to contribute, Nokia Beta Labs (and the wider Nokia user community) would appreciate your effort. After trying out Ovi Calendar 1.6 beta, make sure drop them few lines on your experiences. They definitely listen. 😉

[Via: Nokia Beta Labs blog]

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