Nexus One + Wii Remote + Donkey Kong Country = Android Gaming Win

We’ve seen the Wii remote do some pretty neat stuff with mobile, and soon Android users will be able to get in on the action. WiimoteController is an app in alpha that allows you to set a Wii remote as an input method over Bluetooth, so you can play games on emulators in a familiar control format. Of course, the WiimoteController IME isn’t restricted to just Nintendo games, as shown here – another video shows it working perfectly well with a Sega emulator. I was just disappointed that buddy didn’t know about the secret cave in the cliffside near the end of the video that you can bust open with Rambi.

As an Alpha, it’s still very much a work in progress, and hardened gamers will demand high responsiveness, so be patient if you do end up downloading the app. Right now, it only works with certain Nexus One, Motorola Milestone/Droid, and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 setups, with support for the Hero, Magic, Legend, Desire, Incredible Eris, and Moment on the way. Awesome project, but I’d really like to see accelerometer support at some point (if it’s possible, that is). It still seems a little weird to carry a Wii remote along with a phone whereever you go,  but hey, some people already do it with a GameGripper

If you want to give this setup a shot, you can get info about the app at xda-developers, or just look up Wiimote Controller in the Android Market.

[via Engadget]

  • @mattkellypr

    This is the best external controller use I've ever seen on Android. Hands down. Thanks for the tip!

  • Daniel Perez

    +1 gamer cred for knowing about that secret area 😉

    • Simon Sage

      Dude, I have my SNES hooked up right now. I was so tempted to power it up after watching this.

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