Another 4th Generation iPhone Poses for the Camera (Pictures and Video)

New leaked images (and a video) of an apparent fourth-gen iPhone have found their way to the internets for your viewing pleasure. Of course, there’s no way to confirm or deny the video and images you see here are indeed the next-gen iPhone… But one thing I think we can all agree upon… This thing looks real. Darn real.

Coming to us via the Vietnamese forum, the images are said to come from a Vietnamese businessman that bought the device in the U.S., along with an iPad. He actually bought it in the U.S.? Good grief, don’t tell me he was at some bar with a drunk Apple employee…

I’ve gone ahead and posted some of the more interesting images for you to peruse below. Note the ’16GB’ marking on the back of the device. That’s new. Also, in a separate image, the unit is actually on, and shows some sort of ‘inferno’ image along with some diagnostics. Interesting. Oh, and note the processor in the teardown pic. Is that an Apple logo I see? Finally, the folks at MacRumors have noted that no screws are visible along the bottom of the unit. Go ahead and check out the images below:

Whether you believe these images to be real, fake, or real fake, it’s all good. In my opinion these look to match up nicely with the iGizmodophone… Wouldn’t you agree? What do you think? Is this the real deal? I can’t help but wonder the whole back story surrounding the device… Oh, so curious… I need details! Seriously though, all I want to know is which bar the Vietnamese businessman went to in order to get his hands on the device 😛

Somewhere around Cupertino I can hear Steve Jobs: ‘GET ME LEGAL!

[Via: MacRumors]

  • d3vious

    Why can't i stumble on one of these things smh..

    It's obvious to me that all these "lost 4th gen iphones" are just apples genius marketing. This phone is already the buzz on the internet and highly talked about despite the fact it's release hasn't officially been announced by apple. By the time Apple officially introduces the phone there will already be insane hype behind it and we all know building hype for a device is apples specialty. This is all just a publicity stunt i am sure of it..

    They got me tho because I am excited lol. I think i might just skip the 3GS and go for this one.. thank goodness i waited.

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