Did Sprint just light up Boston with 4G WiMAX coverage?

Sprint’s been slow-going with its 4G WiMAX network rollout in the US, but there are a lucky few dozen markets that are currently enjoying the blazing fast wireless data speeds served up by Sprint’s still-growing mobile broadband data network. Well, it turns out that Boston may be the latest market to get some of that rare Sprint 4G love.

According to BGR, the carrier has apparently lit up the Boston metro area with WiMAX coverage without so much as a press release lauding the Sprint’s latest 4G market. As evidenced by the telltale “4G” icon that appeared on one of BGR’s editor’s Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G hybrid mobile hotspot device, Boston has secretly gotten the greenlight for WiMAX.

Can any of you out there in the Boston area confirm that Sprint 4G is a go? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

[Via: BGR]

  • chris

    i dont know about this but i have a different question, i live about 30 miles north of boston. if i get a 4g phone will i be able to connect? at least eventually?

  • jon

    I've been able to connect since Saturday afternoon in Boston. (Brighton to be exact) Got speeds around 3mbs down both days on my u301 usb connection . That was at work. No 4g Service at my house – about 15 miles west of Boston.

  • Chris

    3.92 down, but only .67 up in Lynn MA 20 miles outside boston

  • juicy john

    do you think metro west will be able to get 4g service is it currently available in natick ma?

  • Joe

    I live in Brockton and picking up the evo June 4th. first 4g phone curious to see how that lives up to the hype.

  • cheryl

    This happened to me in San Francisco one weekend in April. Unfortunately I lost my Internet access that all morning, noticing the 4G icon on my Overdrive while trying to reconnect. By evening 3G and my access was back. Haven't seen the 4G icon here since… I did, however, visit my sister in Chicago in May. Lovely to try out the 4G for that weekend 🙂

  • marky

    4 g in needham via overdrive hotspot.

  • juicy john

    you are getting 4g in needham how strong is the signal? do you think i can get it in Natick?

  • Matthew

    Yeah, the "4G" indicator at the top of my EVO screen lit up this morning down at South Station. (I'd been keeping my 4G connectivity off, but my son got ahold of my phone and evidently switched it on this weekend.) It looks as if they may be in a test mode (certainly something less than production), because my phone would connect via 4G, get an IP address, then in less than a minute the "4G" indicator would disappear and the EVO would flip back to 3G. That made for some very bumpy, if not impossible, streaming music listening. There's a reason that they haven't trumpeted this early run: they appear to be just getting it up to speed.

  • alex

    Very strong signal in Dedham, Wellesley, intermittent connections in Jamaica Plain and Norwood.

  • sally

    My store demo units have it and are working (evo and overdrive) and that about 20 min north of Boston. However I do not have 4g at my house, 25 min north of Boston

  • Mike

    4G service in Boston is definitely active! I was near JFK T station in Dorchester and picked up a one bar 4G signal. I did several speedtests using the Speedtest.net Andriod app. My results were very good. On average I was getting about 4.25 MBPS down and about .8 MBPS up. The pings were averaging about 140 ms. The best numbers I got were 4.68 MBPS down and 1.02 MBPS up. I turned off the 4G and in the same location I was averaging about 1.1 MBPS down and .65 MBPS up with pings about the same speed. My 3G signal was at four bars which leads me to think that the 4G signal I got was coming from another tower.

    My friend was using his iPhone and he was getting about 1.5 MBPS down and about .4 MBPS up with his 3G five bar connection. His server pings were large though averaging about 1700 ms with each test.

  • Andy

    I was able to connect to 4G at Wellington station just north of Boston but could not stay connected. Techsack.com

  • lee

    I live in east providence, RI and can connect to 4g perfectly by the water. I peaked at 8 down and 2 up. Walked upstairs and was 3g. Walked down and 4g. Tested and def a big difference

  • LiLiBug

    Enjoying 4G at Logan Airport!!

  • BlackandBeautiful

    anyone get 4g signal in framingham?????????? or anything west of 95?

  • jack

    4G in the south end, at Berkely and Appleton streets.

  • mike

    Just got 4g in Framingham on my evo.

  • Jonny

    I signed up to get a notification when they lit up the 4G… but here I am in Somerville (just north of Boston) rocking a surprise 4G connection without notice. I have not had a chance to try it out yet, but frankly I have found Sprints 3G network (at least in Boston) has been more than fast enough to do pretty much everything, HD video included. The 3G actually seems faster than my wi-fi.

    I'll be really curious to see what the 4G offers. I just worry about battery life. I absolutely love Evo and Android, but if my Evo was a vampire and batteries were the blood of the innocent, my Evo would consume all the whelps in an orphanage at least once a day and still feel a bit parched.

  • Spooky

    Had 4G in Somerville until Tuesday this week – then it stopped working. Overdrive will still find the 4G network, but doesn't connect any longer. Has anyone experienced the same, or is my Overdrive broken? 3G works!

  • Idan

    Anyone in Jamaica Plain getting 4G??? PLEEAAAAASE say YES!

  • Jose

    I'm getting 4G in Beverly for about 30 seconds.

  • Keith

    4G in Milton near Mattapan Square. Didn't even think to turn it on but on a whim I checked this site and some were saying that they had a 4G signal. So I turned mine on and presto it was there. It is a bit intermittent I must say but hey, I didn't think I was going to get it until the first of next year. This is a bonus.

  • Keith

    just got 9.60mbs Download and .96mbs Upload in Milton on 4G!!!!!

  • Dave

    4G in Peabody MA! 5.8mbs Download and 1mbs Upload. It's very spotty though comes and goes in a matter of minuets.

  • Ladd

    I have 4g here in Framingham, right on the Sudbury line, and it gets stronger towards Sudbury center. I read WiMAX can reach 30 miles so who knows where the signal is coming from.

  • hjsantana

    I live in brookline village. I got 4g. Between 5 and 10gb download and 2-3gb upload.

  • john617

    I’m in Quinzy MA and getting 4g but the signal fades in and out also when trying to use the eve as a WiFi hot spot 4g shuts off, so I think they are working on some kinks still and that’s why Sprint has not announced anything.

  • Rfm9700

    I live in Brockton and go Sierra device today and no signal. I called and the woman said that 4g is having problems today. I asked her to check my address and she said I am covered. The 3g worked and signal was 4 bars but speed slow about 1.5mbps download. I have AT&t for 3g and the speeds averagae about 7 mbps download but dont want a 5g limit. I think they are still working out the kinks thats why they officially havent announced it. On one website it says it has it and the other it doesnt.I amm going to talk to them about some type of credit,,to bad AT&T has a 5g cap on the 3g network their edge is sooooooooo fast for 3g and stable.

  • I live in Holbrook, just South of Boston. I get no 4G at home or the town for that matter but as I travel North toward Boston, it comes in and out. My closest coverage comes in Weymouth, fades out as I head down route 18. Disconnects just past South Shore Hospital. Also, I get coverage in Braintree in the certain areas I’ve checked, Being Grossman way, I get coverage at Best Buy and in North Braintree at South Shore Plaza. It’s spotty in Quincy but North of there I get a good connection to The Sprint 4G network. I hope they open up the areas further south soon. I’m sick of paying the 4G charge on my EVO but don’t use it… SUCKS!

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