Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100) Now Available via Best Buy

Rogers Pearl 3G Now Available at Best Buy

While I’ve got the new Pearl 3G on-the-brain, might as well continue with the topic. While all of the major carriers in Canada are going to pack the 9100 on their shelves (I’m talking TELUS, Bell, Rogers, heck, even Virgin Mobile), availability is somewhat up in the air.

As often times happens, a third party vendor will showcase a new device on their website before the carrier does the same on their own site. Case-in-point yesterday… Best Buy and Future Shop both had the new white Bold 9700 on their website, available for purchase. The very next day (today) Rogers followed through and uploaded the same device to their site, ready to rock. It’s strange how this happens time after time… and it’s happening again.

Best Buy Canada has listed the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 at $79.99 on a 3-year agreement with Rogers, and $449.99 off-contract. You can check out the details at Best Buy. Heck, you can even order the off-contract 9100 if you want (I just added one to my cart)… The Pearl 3G on 3-year Rogers contract is available in-store only.

With the Pearl 3G up and running on Best Buy, we can probably assume this is the pricing we’ll see from Rogers and the other major Canadian carriers (should be somewhere close to these prices)… and with folks like Best Buy advertising and pushing the device, it should only be a matter of time before the Pearl 3G is readily available in Canada.

What say you? With the Pearl 3G now available via Best Buy, are there any Canadians out there ready to snap this one up? Are you an original Pearl user looking for the latest-and-greatest? Perhaps you can’t wait any longer!? Or are you going to wait for the 9100 to arrive at your carrier of choice?

Stay tuned.

  • kj Jarrell

    I need @ have that phone!!!!!!!!!!

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