T-Mobile Makes OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Official

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700

Cool. An official BlackBerry OS release from T-Mobile. This is good stuff! If you’ve got a BlackBerry Bold 9700, this OS may be the one you’ve been waiting for. The good folks at T-Mobile have OFFICIALLY released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. If you’ve been waiting for this release via T-Mo, you can grab your copy right here.

As always, even though this one is an official release… Please be sure to backup your device and take all necessary precautions before you proceed. After installation, we’d love it if you dropped us a note here in the comments to let us know of any major changes or enhancements in this build.

Happy OS Updating!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 via T-Mobile >

[Via: BBOS]

  • ebenezer mensah

    can i used t-mobile Bold 9700 software for att 9700 bold phone

  • Allen J. Oh

    You can also get, which is the official (not beta or leaked) version from RIM…but not from T-Mobile. Be sure to back up your data, though! My address book got messed up — like it was put in a blender — and tonight I am really appreciating the value of backups.

  • jon

    did the upgrade here, very slow process, almost thought it crashed….finally booted, may a bit snappier, icons set back to default, had to hide and move everything, address book went rogue and shipped all my contacts to an online database which i didn’t want. made one call, used both 3g and wifi, other end reported good call quality, used sms for txt and mms for a pic, feels about the same, txt page has timestamp at top rather than in fields, color look for photo buttons, we’ll see, it was a “not broke” situation which years of computers has always proved a bad choice but it’s done…..will see over the course of a few days whether it’s improved…..says trackpad fixed, noticed outdoors on my boat the trackpad almost frozen, not sure if that’s fixed….wish me luck

  • Reg

    I loaded it and have used it- however do not see any changes to it.

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