YouPorn Jumps on the iPad Bandwagon with HTML5 Videos

Given how well Apple’s iPad has been selling – not to mention its 91% satisfaction rate – it looks like Americans just can’t get enough of Apple’s mystical new tablet. That can only mean one thing. It’s inevitable that the iPad gets more “love” from websites streaming adult entertainment videos for free. The infamous purveyors of NSFW adult content at are seeing to it that anyone with an iPad can get down to business with streaming videos that play on the Flash-less tablet.

How is this possible? Has Steve Jobs finally allowed Adobe’s Flash technology to play with the iPhone OS as nicely as it does with the Android OS? No, but YouPorn is starting to encode its massive library of tantalizing erotic videos into HTML5 in order to support the in demand tablet. As of now, YouPorn seems to be the only well-known free streaming adult video site that has embraced the uber-popular tablet.

This new found support for HTML5 by the adult industry marks a blow against Adobe’s Flash technology as its been the standard among free streaming adult video sites for several years now. It also can be considered a blow against Apple as they’ve been trying their best to keep porn off of the App Store ever since it was launched back in 2008.

With the rising popularity of the iPad, this move was inevitable. Like it or not, the adult entertainment industry has a lot of pull in what technology stays and goes. It happened with the fight between Beta Max & VHS, HD-DVD & Blu-Ray, and it looks like the same will inevitably happen between Flash & HTML5.

What say you, dear reader? Does YouPorn’s support for the iPad make you more likely to buy the Apple tablet? Do you think the adult industry’s embracing HTML5 indicate a sad future for Adobe and Flash?

[Via ComputerWorld]

  • paul Manning

    As I keep saying a new set of listings has to be completed…………
    Now Pedo’s will be able to contact our kids on the move
    Thanks Ipad……

    • dave johnson

      lol, yes because pedo’s run around breaking in to your ipad and showing them pictures of their ducks or stalking them. how about instead you don’t give your kid an ipad and be a parent and teach them how to be responsible with technology instead of blaming technology for somehow hurting kids (ahh kids, the old fall-back excuse). (full disclosure: i don’t have an ipad, and i have kids).

    • Gustonegro

      People with kids are soooo paranoid. There are individuals, such as myself, with healthy sexual appetites that enjoy youporn. I am not interested in your kids or kids at all, for any purpose. Not on youporn or in the shopping mall or church or anywhere else they might be. Better just keep them at home. Just saying… 😉

  • Gustonegro

    PS – Don’t have an iPad, but would use the site cuz Flash keeps crashing my browser.

  • Renzo0890

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