Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Released on the App Store

Last December, Capcom’s Mobile Contents Head Takeshi Tezuka dropped the bomb on the iPhone gaming world by revealing that one of Capcom’s most successful Nintendo DS franchise was going to be made available on the iPhone. If you recall, Takeshi-san said the game would be released “soon”. Little did we know that “soon” actually meant nearly 6 months later as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has just been released on the App Store.

Phoenix Wright games are a strange mixture of a visual adventure game that play a lot like mixture of a hidden object game and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. The game is segmented in to two portions, the investigation and the trial. While investigating, you visit various location and gather evidence by looking around and interviewing anyone who is around. When you’re finished with that, you go to court where you cross examine witnesses, present evidence, and object to the arguments presented by the prosecuting lawyer.

Given how successful the Nintendo DS version of Phoenix Wright was, and how high-quality Capcom releases have been as of late, I’m confident iPhone gamers will absolutely love Phoenix Wright as not only is its gameplay mechanics perfect for the iPhone platform, but its story and characters are ones most gamers will never forget.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for iPhone ($4.99) – [iTunes Link]

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