iPhone app development now possible on Windows with DragonFireSDK

A company called Zimusoft has an interesting product called DragonFireSDK, which enables Windows users to join the iParty. Yap, that means they [Windows developers] will be able to make apps for Apple’s mobile platform (which BTW runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) without having to buy a Mac.

According to Zimusoft’s press release, out of 5 million programmers worldwide, over 80% work in Windows and do not know Objective-C, which is used for developing iPhone apps. Hence, they’ve prepared a tool for Windows-running C/C++ programmers, which apparently is easy to use — that’s easy if you happen to know C/C++, of course.

The mentioned SDK costs $99.95 and once you complete your project, an App Bundle is prepared that will run on the iPhone and is ready for submission to the Apple’s AppStore. There’s even the iPhone simulator to show how your app will run on the device before hitting the “Compile” (or whatever it’s called) button.

‘nough said. You can additional information and also grab/buy DragonFireSDK from here

  • Teofilo Vizcaino

    Apple's iPhone development agreement clause 3.3.1 states that apps should be written originaly in Objective-C, C, C++ or JavaScript. Apps that have links to documented API through 3rd party translations, or tools or compatimility layers are bannded.

  • cole321

    the apps ARE written originally in C++….it doesn't need to be "translated" bc it's already an approved language

    and there are many in the app store already

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