AT&T confirms iPhone launching in June to employees

In a not-so-surprising move, AT&T has apparently confirmed to its employees that Apple will indeed be launching their much anticipated and widely leaked iPhone HD (or 4G, or just iPhone 4, whatever you want to call it) in June. With Steve Jobs expected to take the keynote stage at this year’s WWDC conference and AT&T having already blacked-out employee vacation times for the month of June, it’s almost a formality that we need confirmation of the iPhone HD / 4G dropping in June.

According to ongoing reports, AT&T employees are apparently getting ready for the next-generation iPhone to go live. AT&T employees have already had their vacation days for the month of June blocked off and we’ve already been told to keep our eyes on the WWDC keynote stage for Steve Jobs to debut the “iPhone 4G.” With a little luck, we’ll be seeing the new smartphone hotness hitting stores in the next few weeks.

With Android phones like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and the Motorola Shadow and the Samsung Galaxy S all sporting high-end internals and hardware that makes the current generation iPhone 3GS cry itself to sleep, we’re excited to see what Apple has planned to counter the onslaught from the Android camp. There’s nothing we love more than seeing smartphone makers duking it out to create the most innovative and inspired mobile hardware on the market, because in the end it’s the consumer that wins.

We’re looking for the next iPhone to sport a higher-resolution display, video chat, a new camera with bumped-up specs and some sort of NFC technology that might enable wireless phone-based payments and wireless Facebook friending. For the most part, we already know what the upcoming Apple smartphone will look like, but we’re still holding out hope that Steve Jobs will show off something entirely different than what we’ve seen in previous leaks.

Oh, and there’s always his “on more thing” surprise to look forward to.

[Via: MacRumors]

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