Verizon again blames HTC Incredible shortages on component supply issues

Verizon says Incredible is selling out due to HTC's component shortages from SamsungWith Verizon blitzing all advertising channels with ads for the HTC Droid Incredible, it’s no wonder that Verizon is having a hard time keeping the Incredible in stock. Just last week, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams stated that the carrier was having a hard time keeping up with demand for the HTC Android phone because they were dealing with component supply issues. Well, today, McAdams reiterated that Verizon is still having trouble maintaining inventory for the carrier’s flagship Android smartphone.

In New York today, McAdam confirmed that the backlog of Incredible orders is so bad that customers that order the handset today can expect to get the device sometime in mid-June. He again blames component shortages on HTC’s side. The smartphone maker is apparently coming up short on the 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen panels that are sourced from Samsung. On the upside, Samsung is said to have ramped up production of these touchscreen panels and should be ready to meet Verizon’s demand in the next 30 to 60 days.

Still, the Incredible order backlog has to be frustrating for Android fans. The middle June ship date is nearly a month from now. With all those drool-worth TV ads pushing the Incredible as the next big thing in the Android saga, we’d be champing at the bit to get our hands on the HTC-made smartphone if we didn’t already have one for ourselves. With the iPhone launching in June – remote possibility that it will land on Verizon’s doorstep as well – it’s going to be interesting to see how the delay in Incredible shipments affects sales from June onwards. It’s already accepted fact that Apple’s iPhone has the power to disrupt bottom lines and sales goals from other smartphone manufacturers, and HTC is not an exception.

So, how are you holding up? Have you gotten an Incredible already? If so, was it worth the money and the wait? If not, how eager are you to get one?

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  • Tommy Subway

    I got it the day it came out…It's worth every penny, the only shortfall of the phone is battery life, but they do sell extended batteries. This phone will easily handle the newer versions of Android as they come out. Anyone who checks out my phone looks at it with envy.

  • I dont wanna wait

    When I ordered mine, I was told June 2nd, so you can imagine my frustration. 1 week to 3 weeks… i hope they are throwing something in with the delay. 1 month free date package? Something.

    • Janny G

      It is hard waiting, I have bought accessories and am awaiting the phone. I ordered a week agao and still have 2 more weeks to go. Yesterday I was told June 9th….. online store the day changes daily….. yes a free month , accessories would be great for the wait

    • Keahon

      I read today that they will now ship with a 2GB micro sd ontop of the 8 GB already in the phone so you should have a 10GB phone

      • Keahon

        I was told June 14th and I am happy to wait since I got the online discount of $100 plus my new evry two discount of $100 plus a discount code of SMART30 took another 30% off bringing my phone to 69.99 not including taxs.

  • Valerie Bianco

    That date is now June 15th….

    • emof

      Now it's the 16th.

    • hothustla40

      hello ive got the droid im able to upgrade they told me june 15 thats beat up

      • Brendan Winter

        nope, check it again its now the 22!!!!

  • Donnie M.

    By the time shipments come in the phone will be obsolete. I'm waiting to see what happens with Apple's new iPhone. Industry analysts are predicting that the new iteration of the iPhone will have a much faster processor than the Incredible's Snapdragon chip. We'll know by the end of June.

    • Andrew Akker

      The best they'll do is a 1GHz Apple A4, which is just a normal Cortex-A8. So no, it won't be faster.

  • joe shmoe

    Verizon is conservative in their estimates. I ordered mine on the 11th and was told that It'd be shipped the 29th. It was shipped yesterday (the 25th) and will be in my hot little hands tomorrow (the 27th)!!!

    • Cheryl

      Gee I ordered on the 7th and there is a delay for anyone with a ship date of June 28th of 7-10 working days. How can they send out phones to customers who ordered after others?

  • emof

    Anyone know the chances of a store having any in stock? Like with returns and whatnot.

  • MSD

    I ordered mine in the store May 10th and received it May 25th. The one I received was "open box". The phone and battery had been opened but not the charger or manual. It looked cosmetically perfect with the screen protector on and no finger prints. Its working great! And like Janny G I had pre-ordered accessories. I got an aftermarket 1750mha battery that is the same size as the included 1300mha battery. I also bought a USB battery pack that will allow me to run/charge the phone from it's 2200mah battery.

  • Momo

    I ordered mine online on the 13th and finally got an e-mail that it shipped today!! ::dances a jig::

    • liv

      i ordered mine online on the 16th. still waiting for shipment. sadface.

  • Darrell

    This Phone is Outstanding! The Only drawback is the battery life….which unlike the iPhone you can address with aftermarket extended batteries. The Incredible is already as fast as Apples next G4 "Catch-Up" phone and with Froyo (Android 2.2) on the way and the Verizon Network… should EASILY be the best smartphone choice in America for some time to come. The Google Map Apps are amazing and the Droid App Market is exploding exponentially. I suggest you immediately download "Advanced Task Killer (ATK)" upon recieving your phone, as this kills any tasks running in the background to preserve battery life. Otherwise…..enjoy the best smartphone experience available!

  • Peter Gozinya

    I had the iPhone (or better, the i can’t phone) and the incredible blows it away. Forget the network difference, the device is a rocket ship! Hey Verizon, you don’t need the iPhone, just get incredible in stock.

  • Kool Phone

    You guys are so impatient. I bought it in the store on 24th. It should arrive in my house June 11. Hey but I will be out for vacation for a month. I will come back home to see my new phone then.

    • mr smith

      good for you

  • Kelly Cornaire

    where have you people been ordering them from? obviously not the web.

    • domsantillo

      Ordered mine in a VZW store, clerk said it wouldn't be that long, but she has no control. Big tease to touch one than hear they had none. Guess my research wasn't that instense enough before deciding Incredible over Droid or iPhone, but it'll be worth wait.

    • Keahon

      Should be back on their website they said it was taken off so they could catch up on orders and it should now be offered with a 2GB micro SD card as extra memory.

  • domsantillo

    Ordered in the store on May 17th. Nice to see some of your comments – conservative VZW said June 4th at the time. After Momo's comment, hoping 4 days from now means I get it next week. Already downloaded the user guide and browsed online app store. Can't wait, battery is only negative thing I've heard, I'll charge every night and get one of those USB batteries as MSD suggests. I google for news of ship dates about 4 times a day since the 18th and have called VZW 4 times now!

  • djf

    Incredible is the best phone i have EVER owned!!!! Highly recommend this phone! Well worth the money and the wait! PROMISE!!!!

  • Keptide

    Pre-ordered the Incredible and got it the day before they promised it-best eletronic/computer/phone device I have ever owned, unlike a MS powered device the software and hardware work, really it all works. I use Outlook for my contacts, downloaded the HTC sync manager, it worked the first time, amazing I am so used to having to trouble shoot everything. The phone rocks, good call quality, super fast, browsing is quick and the screen is perfect. It will be worth the wait, everything the iPhone is but faster, better (Camera is crisp), and on a reliable network.

  • Chris

    I've had this phone for a month now, it truly is an amazing piece of hardware. As far as battery life – I highly recommend that you follow the instructions and charge the phone completely before powering it up the first time… I didn't and my battery life was terrible the first few days. Charging it with the power off recalibrates the power monitor (so I am told). I did this and now the battery life is quite a bit better.

    I bought one for my wife and followed the directions. Her phone has been powered up for over 2 days and still hasn't had to be recharged yet. She doesn't use it as much as I do, but it is still a huge improvement over the battery life on my phone.

    This phone is totally worth the money and the wait!!

  • Jesse

    Ordered the phone a couple of weeks ago through Verizon Online, with June 1st being the ship date. They shipped it on Friday and I should be getting it tomorrow June 1st. Can't waite to get the phone.

  • Josefius

    I ordered mine on the 25th and they say it will ship by the 16th of June. But that they have to give a longer time to not get your hopes up I guess.

    One thing I am wondering is, why people seem to think the Incredible is not a Droid. I thought it was the Droid Incredible with HTC.

  • grrrrrrrrrr

    Imma knock someone out and steal their INCREDIBLE if they don’t hit the market soon! lol. So BEWARE incredible owners!! I’m stalking you! Haha

  • r. s.

    I swapped my storm 2 out with someone who didn't like the htc inc (what a deal!) plus i have another htc inc. due to arrive june 12 (got a deal from a friend who did the upgrade in which she didnt need the htc inc)..ahhhhhhhhhhhh life is good.

  • Desirea

    Eager to get one. Went into my local VZW store and order mines on 6/9/2010 the rep advise me of the back order and it will not be shipped out until the end of the month. Unable to give me an exact date :(… I'm so happy i hope it's everything people are talking about with a wait this long.

  • Robert Schulz

    Dont expect it to arrive on time, and Verizon doesnt seem to have a real clue when they will get the in. I ordered my on 6/2 with a promised ship date of 6/23. I called Verizon on 6/23 to confirm shipment and they said it should arrive 6/25. Now it is 6/25 and I called back and they said they expect a shipment in today with shipping on 6/28 for arrival on 6/30. So they are not meeting their promised shipping dates. I think as of today the earliest shipping is end july if ordered today. I wouldnt expect them until August and by that time several new phones should be out, including the motorola X. I suggest waiting.

  • Meawoppl

    Was promised the 23rd. Still cant even get a straight answer:…

    They will just lie to you on the phone, so don't bother calling, or buying!

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