Bell Announces Data Plan Pricing for iPad WiFi + 3G

Bell iPad Price Plans

Getting ready to lineup for your iPad tomorrow? You’re crazy. But I don’t mind. I’m crazy too. Chances are, if you’ve already pre-ordered the device or are planning on attending launch day madness in Canada tomorrow, you want to know about 3G services offered by the carriers.

Yesterday, Bell announced it is joining the iPad party by telling us about their dedicated data plans for the iPad WiFi + 3G. The cool part about the plans is that they are all available without a contract. Activate or cancel your service at any time, which, is what Apple wanted in the first place. Use and activate as needed!

Here’s the sweet low down:

Bell 3G data plans for iPad with WiFi + 3G
250MB Data – $15/month
5GB Data – $35/month

In addition to the plans, users will also get unlimited access to Bell WiFi hotspots in Canada, including the hotspots found in over 700 Starbucks locations.

For more information, hit up So, you gettin’ one?


  • @TorontoWireless

    all big 3 are idiots using the same price plan, just offer a $40 month unlimited plan

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