Microsoft: 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices will be sold by 2011

Microsoft is aiming high for its upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system, as the software giant predicts it will sell at least 30 million devices with the OS by the end of 2011.

During its ReMix conference, the company laid out its lofty ambitions for its upcoming smartphone OS. It expects 40% of the phone sold next year will be smartphones and it is hoping to grab a large percentage of that. For comparison’s sake, Apple has sold a little more than 50 million iPhone since the introduction of its first smartphone.

Why is Microsoft so bullish on its mobile software? Well, it kind of is impressive. The company radically revamped the platform and ditched compatibility with the tens of millions of Windows Mobile devices in order to produce a new OS with a new user interface.

One of the things I like most about WP7 is that it ditches an app-centric approach for a more integrated, holistic UI. There are multiple “hubs” that will tie into online service and apps and be the center of your mobile experience. These will be dynamic too, so your contacts hub will show off friends who have recently updated their statuses or contacted you. Check out the embedded video at the bottom of the post for a detailed demonstration.

Like the Kin phones, the WP7 devices should be good cloud-centric phones. I’d expect some form of photo and video backup to appear before too long and you’ll likely be able to use Zune Pass for all-you-can-eat music for a monthly fee.

The crazy thing is that Microsoft may not be too far off with its predictions, as we know LG, Samsung, HTC and Dell are working on WP7 devices. The devices should have strong appeal to business and casual consumers, and I’d also expect these types of phones to wind up on most of the major carriers around the world.

Let’s see how good WP7 is when it ships later this year and we’ll probably have a better understanding of how it will sell.

[Via Mobile Tech World]

  • Commentator

    I think this article is fantasy.

    Some of the OEMs who pump out multiple Android phone models will take on a single WP7 model, either to see how it goes, or because they receive development assistance from Microsoft.

    The predecessor to Windows Phone 7, the KIN, has been released and fallen flat on its face. Not a good omen for WP7.

    Windows Phone 7 will be useless for business when it is released. Even Microsoft states that it is not a business phone. It can't even Cut & Paste. Business can't run custom apps on it.

    Microsoft can state what ever numbers it likes, or claim that half the world's population will be using Windows Phones by 2013. However, the reality is Windows Phone 7 has only a slim chance of survival. A nice UI, but underneath the platform is completely inadequate.

    Android and iPhone will dominate the phone business.

    • SK1

      I do think what you just said is fantasy. Sorry I am going to tell you why, I will go straight to the prediction: WP7 will be number 1 in short period. It may not as fast as Win7 dump linux on netbook, I would expect a similar fashion. Two years from now, you look back, you will see iphone or what's the other one? are all jokes. Lets talk next year this time.

    • goldtracker

      Yeah, I kind of have to second your thought there. Seems like total fantasy. Hopeful, but really?

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a funny joke. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • lygren

    Anytime you have a WP7 able to access Office / Sharepoint document easily while Android & iPhone cannot, you have a contender in WP7 and inadequacy in the latter two. WP7 has enterprise business written all over it competing very well against Berries, iPhone and Androids.

    Put down the crack and smell the reality, dude.

  • KennMSr

    Is that 30M in the hands of customers or on the shelves of distributers the same trick they played with the Zune

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