Symantec’s Norton security software coming to smartphones

Symantec is bringing its Norton security software beyond the desktop and it will soon be coming to smartphones and other connected devices.

We’ve yet to see a major mobile-centric virus hit in a large manner, but most experts think it is only a matter of time, particularly as these smartphones become more widespread. The company is launching a “Norton Everywhere” initiative to address this problem before it becomes too big.

“We are entering a new era where non-PC devices are exploding in numbers, which means more opportunity for cybercriminals. It’s becoming more and more critical for consumers to be protected beyond their PCs,” said Janice Chaffin, President consumer business unit at Symantec, in a prepared statement.

Norton Smartphone Security Beta for Android is expected to be available in June and the app enables users to remotely lock or wipe devices. There will also be anti-malware protection, as well as the ability to block unwanted callers.

The company is also partnering with HTC MobilityNow to test security products on Android and Windows Mobile. It will also have a Norton Connect beta for iPhone, Android and the iPad, and this app gives users access to files archived via Norton Online Backup. There’s also a mobile site,, which delivers new security guidelines, downloads and videos.

So, it’s great that Symantec is trying to help make our phones more secure but the simple fact is that many of these desktop security programs are bloated messes that kill your CPU. Will this happen with mobiles? I don’t think it will because many of the modern operating systems have been designed with security in mind – Android, for example, runs its apps in sandboxes to minimize damages. Apple’s somewhat restrictive approach to its iPhone OS is also aimed at keeping away viruses, at least that’s what Steve Jobs said.

[Via Symantec]

  • James

    This is probably one of the worst ideas ever! Norton, keep your terrible software off my phone, you made enough desktops run bad already!

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