Sprint HTC EVO 4G media dock and car kit coming to Best Buy end of July

A newly leaked accessories list has confirmed that soon after the Sprint HTC EVO 4G launches in early June, Best Buy will have a media dock and car kit available to make your life that much easier. The media dock will make connecting your EVO 4G to a TV as simple as sliding it into the dock and firing up the 720p HD video that you want to watch on the big screen. Likewise, the car kit will make it simple to turn your EVO into a GPS navigation unit for your car.

The HTC EVO 4G is a media monster, what with that giant 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display and its integrated HDMI-out port allowing you to stream full 720p HD video to any HDMI-capable TV. Oh, and if you want to use the Android phone as a GPS navigation system, the large display and GPS receiver will work wonders when paired with either the Google Maps Navigation app or Sprint’s own Sprint Navigation app. There’s only one catch – always having to set up your EVO to hookup to your TV or to your car. That’s where the EVO media dock and car kits come in handy.

We’ve got word from GoodAndEvo that Best Buy will be offering both the media dock and the car kit for the EVO 4G at the end of July. The leaked pricing information includes prices and SKU numbers for cases, but we aren’t told how much the dock and car kit will cost when they go live in late July. That’s a little more than a month after Sprint launches the phone to the public, but not too long to miss out on a Summer’s worth of HD video watching and GPS navigating. Ya dig?

We’ve got our sights set on a media dock or two for IntoMobile headquarters. What about you?

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[Via: GoodAndEvo]

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