HTC EVO 4G keeps it real with official new, upgrade and no-contract pricing

We have to hand it to HTC for keeping it real with pricing options for the HTC EVO 4G. Rather than continue to confuse customers with different pricing options for picking up a Sprint HTC EVO 4G as a new purchase, upgrade purchase, or no-contract purchase, the Taiwanese manufacturer has posted their official retail prices for the hot upcoming Android phone.

The official prices break down as expected. If you’re buying the phone as a new purchase with an accompanying 2-year contract with Sprint, you can order your own EVO 4G for just $199.99. If you’re an existing Sprint customer and looking to simply upgrade, you can order the phone for $299.99. Or, if you’ve got a problem with signing another service contract, you can get a contract-free version of the handset for $549.99. All offers are shipped through UPS or Fedex for free.

For those of you that somehow haven’t heard about the EVO 4G, here’s a quick breakdown of the baddest Android phone to date. The handset has a massive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display that’s unrivaled by any other Android phone (there’s also a built-in kickstand to prop up the phone for viewing videos). It’s powered by a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and has an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash. The 3G data connection serves as a fallback for the 4G WiMAX radio, with WiFi to round out the connectivity options. GPS, Bluetooth, and microSD card slot also help round out the feature set. Of course, Android 2.1 OS runs the show, with HTC’s Sense UI skinned atop.

Why is the EVO-maker doing this? Well, why wouldn’t they? HTC sells the same number of units regardless of whether you buy one of their phones with a new service agreement or free and clear of contracts. While third-party vendors like Best Buy and Radio Shack and Walmart have the incentive of new-contract commissions to convince you to buy phones that they can activate, HTC could care less (or couldn’t care less, depending on how you look at it).

So, in addition to Sprint and all the retailers selling the EVO 4G, you have another option in HTC. Find the order page here. Remember, the EVO goes live on June 4th for $200 on contract. Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

[Via: GoodAndEvo]

  • Jordan

    Wow so it goes from an acceptable $450 to a steep $550? That is dissappointing………

    • joz

      It amazes me how people are willing to knock down this phone on any little flaw. Yet when the iphone came out no amount of money was too great and no deficit was to keep people from buy it. Sounds like hypocracy

  • Chts

    I’m buying mine from Radio Shack for 499.99 no contract. That’s 50 bucks less than buying directly from HTC, but I still pay 45 bucks in tax. Considering that the IPhone is 699 without contract, this isn’t a bad deal.

  • Droidus Maximus

    I thought Sprints off contract price was $449 ?

    What’s the deal?

    • quita

      Sprint no contract price is $449

  • Jordan

    So the $450 option is still available at stores like BestBuy and Radio Shack, just if you buy from HTC you pay $550?

  • njbianco

    the htc store is actually threw its still 450 at sprint stores

  • Thomas

    The image above isn't really HTC's site…

  • oleschool

    I am getting the EVO and would rather buy it out-rite and go month-to-month.

    Can someone help me figure out why someone would pay $"Full Price" for the EVO and still have to sign a 2 year contract with Sprint. I could be wrong but I don't believe Sprint has a month-to-month option even if you bought the phone.


    pay $199 w/ 2 year contract + $375 for ETF = $575…

    pay $"Full Price" w/ 2 year contract .

    • bubba

      Paying full price is for those of US who have NO upgrade options.
      Pay full price and NO contract extentions!
      18 months left is 18 months left.
      NO new 2 yr contracts.
      Buy, walk in, ask to turn on UR account U already have, and walk out!

  • rox

    How will HTC EVO 4G work without contract? Can i insert any gsm card like at&t on the go? can u explain it fur?
    ther thanks..

    IM planning to buy HTC evo 4g or Iphone 4g but im still thinking about sprint contrct cos im still in at&t .. and one more ,what do you think is better Htc evo 4g of sprint or iphone 4g of at&t which is launching soon? what is the pro's and cons of each other?thanks

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