Sprint HTC EVO 4G gets dipped in Android 2.2 OS ‘Froyo’

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G has yet to be officially released, but the device has already been rooted. The EVO 4G was cracked shortly following Google’s Oprah moment, when the search giant gave 5,000 of these devices out at their developers conference attendees. But, it doesn’t stop there. Now, we’re seeing that the EVO being stripped of its Sense-bearing skin, and has slipped into some new threads dripping in Android 2.2 OS “Froyo.”

Froyo would give EVO users some great advantages over the Sense UI with Android 2.1, but you would be sacrificing some sexiness. Hell, if you’ve owned a G1, we already know that you seek functionality over aesthetics, but stock Android has never looked better. With Android 2.2 ported to your rooted HTC EVO 4G, you won’t have to shell out an extra $30 a month to get tethering and hotspot features, as Froyo now supports these natively. Take that, Sprint.

There’s has been no public release of the EVO 4G rooting process, nor a release of the port itself, but from the video below, things look like they are developing swimmingly. You can see the EVO clearly getting down and dirty with the Android 2.2 OS. While it’s not a complete walk through, this is surely the real deal.

Some of you Sense lovers out there may want to wait for the official update that HTC will send out (eventually). But for those who don’t mind leaving Sense behind for the latest and greatest version of Android, definitely keep your eyes on this space for more information as this story unfolds. Things are certainly looking good for the EVO right now, as the device has been dropped into the hands of some of the greatest mobile developers out there, and they are looking to serve up some dessert to the world’s most highest spec’d device.

So what do you say, would you give up HTC’s Sense UI for some stock Android 2.2 lovin, or are you loyal to Sense? I know I can’t wait to get Flash 10.1 running on that gorgeous 4.3 inch screen.

Check out the video below to see Froyo running on the EVO!

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

  • robert

    Personally I won’t buy an HTC phone again. Lack of support on the hero has shown me they care not to fix problems. In fact of the fixed issues all but a few were resolved from custom find. As to the question of sense UI, tho it does offer some nice things it is the OS that makes it possible, so I could care less about sense UI. I would be willing to bet I would see 2.2 on my hero before HTC officially releases it.

  • Techmeister

    Android is horrible… Especially after owning a 3gs….. The ONLY
    people buying into Android are those who never owned an Iphone.,,,
    not mention the major security risk that comes with open developement… JUNK!!

    • inan

      I sold my 3GS and switched to Sprint for the EVO 4G

      I couldn't be happier.

    • Matt

      Uh, I have owned all three iPhones, and loved them all, but now am on Sprint and getting double of everything for $50/mo less with better service than AT&T. The iPhones were technological wonders of two years ago, but are no longer. The hype sells the iPhones, not the OS. If I could have the iPhone with Android software, THAT would be the stuff dreams are made of, but for now my new Evo, kicks the crap out of the 3Gs. We’ll have to see about the iPhone4 when that comes out, but I’m not anticipating anything special, just more hype in a pretty package. The iPhone is not the end all, look beyond and you’ll see a world of awesome phones… Heck, If Apple really wants to kick Android to the curb, they should look at the Palm Pre software (WebOS) which dominates the iPhone in multitasking.

      • CJ_Iceman


        CJ_Iceman here. I totally agree with you man! I just canceled my AT&T service today after a week of testing and having fun with my new HTC EVO 4G phone from Sprint. This thing smokes the iPhone easily. Has mobile hot spot, a big screen, Flash 10.1 for watching videos from websites, 8MB camera, multitasking, ALL THE COOL THINGS I"VE BEEN NEEDING IS RIGHT HERE NOW!!! I love my iPhones and will keep them as iPad touch devices from now on. But AT&T and Verizon have alot of work to do before they catch up to Sprint SPEEDS.

        AT&T's decision to cap data transfer will seriously hurt Apple sales. The 3G speeds are already so slow…and now they have the nerve to cap data transfer to 2GB per month. That is pissing alot of iPad buyers off.

        As far as iPhone 4. Its nice, resolution is good…but its still a 3.5 inch screen. iMovie didn't impress me too much either, I'm not a film producer/director.

        My decision to switch to Sprint HTC EVO 4G is a good one and I'm really happy. I also managed to buy 2 – OEM replacement batteries for it for $16 each.

        • Tim R STL

          Matt, I would love to find out where you found 2 OEM batteries for $16 each. Are you sure they are OEM? I have seen many batteries on ebay, but they are NOT OEM and the one I bought does not last as long as the battery that came with the EVO

        • SpectreWriter

          Ebay got me 2 batteries PLUS a charger for a total of $9.95 shipped.

          Yes, it's from Hong Kong, but they've been 100% reliable so far in my purchases with them.

          Now to decide about Sense or go with Android 2.2….


        • C.J.

          Where did you purchase the batteries? Id love to have an extra one or two. I heard about an extended battery but some issues with them, so unfortunately, gonna hold off on that part for now. For that price though, Id buy 3 or 4 of em!

      • Raj

        Hey Matt,

        Good morning. It would be a great help if you can kindly let us know where you bought OEM spare batteroes for US$ 16.00. Was it online? Can you please guide us to the source. I also owned an iPhone and just switched HTC EVO and I love it. I await your kind response.


        • Ron

          The Evo uses the SAME battery as the Touch Pro 2 and the Hero. That is where you get OEM batteries for $16 each. The "EVO" branded ones (which are the same as I said) are way overpriced just because the Evo is new. Oh, and are red. The Touch Pro 2 battery is black.

        • Ian

          Ya I switched from iPhone 1,000 times better

    • ndnd

      actually i had the iphone and just switched to the evo..iphone has a nice interface…but the android has won me over. The new iphone looks cool and is a welcome change to the previous models…my overall experience thus far w android on Evo (hardware/OS/network/value) is far superior to iphone/att.

    • Tim

      Oh is that why I personal converted 178 former Iphone users using my blog and youtube !!!
      Your a bone head and most likely never even touch a high end Android phone.
      And me being a former iphone user myself can say Android is FAR FAR Superior and can do much more that any Iphone can do including that pitiful Iphone 4, I was expecting much more from the Iphone 4 and that has been a Huge letdown for most Iphone user and because of the Huge disappointment even more more iphone guys are converting lol

    • @Neverlasting

      Wrong, wrong, and again, wrong. Had a 3GS, went to Moto Droid, now have an evo.

      Wake up. You are being manipulated.

    • Tim R. STL

      Techmeister, I disagree. I had an Iphone 3Gs 32GB device and moved over to AT&T due to all the dropped calls. The Iphone is only as good as the carrier. While I agree that the IPhone is one of the greatest devices ever released and with the anticipated 4th generation device, the Sprint EVO is a great device . . . in my opionion a little behind the iPhone. The network experience with Sprint in the St. Louis market is EXCELLENT. With my speakeasy tests, my average download speed is 3500 kbps with 500 kbps upload . Latency is averaging about 130 ms (which is good). I have seen speeds as high as 8 megs per second. Since the iPhone 4G will not have the ability of LTE (4G network), I will wait to see if AT&T can handle the network load with a iPhone that has LTE integrated.

      BTW, with AT&T, my network speed is around 700 kbps and latency around 300 ms, but mostly, I receive about 10 dropped calls a day. In my line of business (telephony), this is unacceptable. Besides, so many people have the iphone. I want to have something different 🙂

      • jon

        at&t wont have lte for a long time the word is verizon will start pushing the equipment out into the field in the spring so maybe next summer they will have it but at&t is way behind also tmob is doing an offal lot of eth. net upgrades which is going to help them alot.

    • Jon

      I have had the iPhone since day one. I bought an EVO 4G because i am so tired of paying so much for shitty service. I will also like to say that I am enjoying the phone and have no regrets. Will I get another iPhone yes when another carrier gets it. Like cars we will have those who refer Chevy over Ford.

    • Alvin

      Man… you know what… you just talking… I am an Apple guys have owned every single iPhone but the iPhone 4… and I loved them all… however multitasking with the iOS 4 sucks…. is just a fast way to switch between apps, none are really running in the back ground, and other thing i HATE AT&T… my bill was about 147 USD a mo…. i couldn't take it no more and talk to my brother (who is an android guys) and he talked to me about the EVO 4… hell has some of the best specs out there and I get UNLIMITED EVERYTHING on Sprint… and well Android endup being even better than I thought…. I am digging it I think that apple really need to come up with something really new to win me over again and also have more than one carrier… I'M SICK OF ATT!!!!!!!

    • Andy

      HAHA negative ghost rider. i had an iphone and now i own the EVO. I love the EVO and android. even happier after all the mess of the Iphone 4. its also nice about Google coming out with the app inventor. much easier to create simple apps for work over Apple equivalents.

    • EfDiphone

      You sound like a jealous homo with an all great & unable to get service iphone 4 owner.

  • Techmeister

    And yes HTC is WELL known for putting in high megapixel cameras that are low quality…
    Also known for bad hardware/software support..
    Not to mention the fact HTC just “throws” cellphones put onto the market buy yet, still to this day… They have no, Zero flagship model they can be proud of…much less one that will still be around a year from now… This is why the Iphone does so well, one model to concentrate on…

    • Get a clue fanboi

      you sir have no clue what you are talking. Have you ever owned an HTC phone.
      i have used iphone OS and android and I must say Android is leaps and bounds more advanced, customizable and feature-rich than any iphone OS.

      Maybe 4.0 will bring it up to date with modern technology, but as of now iPhone OS is a completely lacking OS for a smartphone.

    • mhmmd123

      HTC handset all are FLAGSHIP, but the Iphone a big flagship of dropping calls OMG…Plus slow network…
      Huh I see ur point Mr. techmaster.

      • reginald andrews

        fuc all you apple fanboy'ssss.

  • subliminal609

    I had an iPhone….I had a palm pre…..and now I have the evo….as far as which is the best…they all share that label….but I will say this…. I could live without apple and palm…but u would have to slit my throat and pry the evo out of my hands to make me give up this phone… its the most responsive out of the bunch….and I fell in love with Android when the Droid was released just couldn’t switch to big red …..I love Sprint and there network now I just prey that they won’t release somethin better than.this phone because I don’t wanna spend anymore money this year on phones…..treo 700wx to palm pre….to Samsung moment….to HTC hero….to evo 4 g….all with one upgrade gotta love Sprint …just my honest opinion ….look at the specs the evos the best on the market

    • Janis

      How did you transfer your palm data to the Evo?

      • Schudogg

        Take it to a sprint store… it takes about 7 minutes

  • Storm

    There is no use trying to convince an Iphone freak. lol I've tried. They won't even look at any other phone. Kind of reminds me of my old Grandpa who refuses to get a DVD player or flat panel TV.

    I have a 3gs too and loved it. Great phone but it doesn't even begin to compare to my new Evo. It's a joke to even try to compare them. And bad pictures???? It takes amazing pictures that put the Iphone to shame as well.

    It's only a matter of time before Android takes over the market.

    I can only laugh at these insane Iphone lovers that refuse to try new things. Enjoy being stuck back in the past. lol

    As for me, I am going to unlock the Iphone and sell it on Ebay.

    • lsanders2012

      YES YOU CAN!!
      I once was a iPhone lover, but then I decided, that iPhone was WAY to close source, an I wanted to be able to, you know, fuck around with my phone.
      So, I switched. And also, does anyone think the fight between android, and apple mirrors, the computer fights of the 80s between apple, and microsoft.

      • Awskurr

        right ahaha have they not known that HTC phones are growing look at this droid incredible and the htc evo are both great.

        Apple is still behind on everything and they focused on the iPhone 4 for a while.

        Basically Apple people… you guys are falling behind.

        • jesse

          Well, Apple has pissed of enough companies. Patent infringements, lawsuits, boycotting adobe, etc… Reminds me of the kid who got picked on way too much as a kid… They started a war / arms race and placed a god damn target on their heads due to their arrogance as a company. Companies have joined forces to take the evil empire down. (kind of reminds me of world war ii) Has anyone noticed that Google has not released any updates on apps for the iPhone? I remember that Google maps was a HUGE hit on the original iPhone. I love the sky map, um that's right iPhone doesn't have that. Google makes the best apps including their TTS / STT language translator! Apple will soon be pissing off their consumers since a lot of people are already confused by the "iPhone 4th gen" with "iPhone 4G Network" <- and it does not support 4G… They already pissed off a lot of potential app developers since they charge you 100 bucks where google practically gives away their api. There are way more Java devs than theirs Objective C devs.

          iPhone and the os, your stuck with the hardware and os in one piece. Google os is open source therefore other companies like motorola, htc, and samsung can put that software on their phones. It's way more diverse. Oh you don't need that hardware, so buy an android phone for 100 bucks, Oh I need the hd out, bigger screen etc, I got the Evo for 200… Oh and those Apple fanboys, wait till google / chrome gets their own version of iPad out… It's gonna shit stomp just like the evo did with iFail.

          iPhone 4 = overpriced hardware and software 300 + dollars w/ contract…
          Evo = FTW, 200 + dollars, 4g network, hotspot etc… 200 + dollars w/ contract…

          When will non tech savvy Apple fanboys understand this? SPECS PEOPLE!!! SPECS!!! BENCHMARKS!!! So sick of Apple's "status symbol" products…

  • WunDum

    All I gotta say is… Techmeister… you're a douche-bag just wanting some attention…

  • Russ

    I really dont add any comments to any of these sites very much because I do love the back and forth and I can be easily amuzed by the opinions and hate in this world. But putting aside what amuzes me and go to the real details of the phones. I too now own an EVO and with additions like Swype oh boy i love it even more (especially over the fail Instinct) Based on overall specs the EVO dos beat the IPhone especially when you compare the specs of Froyo to OS4. I do agree on both sides of this coin because I am also a PC user and a Mac User and depending on what I want to do is which comp I choose but with choosing 1 phone I love the EVO hate the AT&T service and I bet the IPhone4 would kick ass on the Sprint or Verizon Network but not with AT&T. (but thats a whole different story) If you love Apple then stick with what you love and watch the Android market and open source do its thing. If you love Android then give up on the IPhone folks, they want security and some things to stay the same with them and we all will enjoy playing open source games and apps (like Mario, no way that will hit Apple).

  • Russ

    One last thing, to do the most of the things the EVO can do you have to jailbreak the Iphone, wow, think that sux well once the Froyo update comes out what will be the point to Root the EVO? None and with the Hotspot and unlimited data while doing so or tethring… my personal choice will be the EVO and should be able to last more than a few years (longevity I like to have)



  • Jorge

    Just to the real world the HTC EVO just kiked to the curve apples lego phone

  • Curt

    I have the HTC EVO and I absolutely love this thing. With the apps that you can get on android it has become an asset in everyday life. With the work that I do I am away from Home and the Office very often and often have to check and correct things using my phone because I can not take a laptop or netbook with me every where that I go. I know the more things that a phone can do the quicker it drains the battery, so I just turn off the features that I am not using. I took some video while at work flying in a helicopter and video and the sound is amazing. You could criticize a phone to death and find a flaw or two, but this phone has so many pluses that I don't see any flaws at all. Seriously this phone has strengths and then it has amazing strengths, so you can take your pick. I even love the price I pay for Sprints network. I know you will say but they drop calls, but I know at least in the midwest market it does not drop anymore calls than verizon does and I always get service that my partners do not and my 3g is much faster than verizon. Not to mention most of my buddies don't even have half of the features that I do, because of the additional cost. So stay with your network and I will use the extra money that I save on a new laptop or something for my motorcycle.

    Wake up and smell the EVO

  • Caleb

    I've personally owned an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 3GS. I am quite positive through general use and testing purposes that my HTC Evo 4G is much faster both for data (using 3G or 4G) and much more responsive than either iPhone I ever had and I really don't need to root my phone, though I did to gain a better flashlight app, whereas with my iPhone I had to jailbreak it out of the box for half of anything to work. I love apple but when it comes to cellphones apple has a ways to go, though great products, better exist on the market.

  • Ryan

    Yo Fandroids! You should all check out my Apple-Fanboy video on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPcQ-cYg8iA&fe

    Enjoy the laugh! –


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