Video: Sprint HTC EVO 4G video recording quality test

A close-up picture of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G camera module

Sprint HTC EVO 4G! There, do we have your attention? Of course we do, it’s hard to ignore the phone that has proven to be the hottest Android kit for the foreseeable future. Following our official, comprehensive review of the EVO 4G earlier today, we thought we’d show you what kind of videos the EVO can produce. With the 8-megapixel rear-facing camera crunching out multi-megabyte images with aplomb, we wanted to know how the video camera measured up.

Turns out, you won’t get the same multi-megapixel quality that you get from the still camera when shooting video. What you get from the EVO 4G’s video camera is high-quality video that should put all but the best mobile phone camcorders to shame. EVO is capable of filming your surroundings in 480p 720p HD, which is about half three quarters the resolution that all current-generation flat-panel TVs can muster these days. That’s going to be make for a noticeable difference on the big screen, but keep in mind that making smartphone that is able to record HD video is no small feat.

You can record the video and share it through email, Bluetooth, social networks, or even post it to your WordPress blog or YouTube account. The sharing options are incredibly well integrated and upload times shouldn’t take too long with a 30-second video and a strong 3G or 4G data connection (or WiFi, if available). Don’t expect to post these videos in real-time, though, as upload times for longer videos and shakier wireless connections aren’t going to be all that short.

Above all, though, keep in mind that this is a smartphone first and video camera second third. Don’t expect too much and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised!

Check out our video recording test using the Sprint HTC EVO 4G’s video camera after the jump and see for yourself!

Daylight recording:

No-light recording:

Indoor recording during daytime:

Excuse the mis-type. Evo does full 720p HD video recording. It’s impressive, as long as you don’t expect the same quality that you’d get from a dedicated HD camcorder.

  • Neo

    480p is not HD (480p televisions are considered to be ED, enhanced definition). Notwithstanding that, the EVO can record in 720p HD. The video encoding quality is vastly above other camera phones, but lower than that of dedicated video recorders.

  • nuttymac

    The video looks awesome. WTH! You got an iPad an extra smartphone and the EVO? I’m so jealous of you right now.

  • Pappux7

    … can record in 720p HD, did you really not know that?

  • Devo

    The Evo 4G records in 720p

  • willpark

    Excuse the mis-type, folks. Evo does indeed do 720p HD video recording. I'll update this post with more sample videos as soon as possible to show you video quality in a variety of lighting situations.

  • Sonicwind

    Wow, the low light is pretty good. It's expectedly blurry with movement, and the light change sensing is a little slow, but the scenes with no movement look pretty good.

  • sfdfd

    Are all who on this site that retarded?
    720p at WHAT fps, nobody asked, wow, what the nuts!

  • frakensquatch

    Its a phone. jesus calm down. AT WHAT FPS?!? OMG I NEED MY PHONE TO SHOOT LASERS AND SEE INTO THE FUTURE DAMNIT. hahaha i own this phone btw. amazing.

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