King of iPhone Novelty Apps ‘iFart’ Denied From Gracing the iPad

Believe it or not, one of the most popular app genres for all mobile phones has got to be novelty apps. Mobile phone users just can’t help but to download apps that allow them to turn their phone into a lightsaber, record audio to be played back as an annoying parrot, or share your fascination with the sounds of every kind of fart known to man. It looks like Apple might have a problem with these kinds of apps showing their one-trick pony face on its magical iPad.

According to Infomedia’s CEO Joel Comm, whose company developed the hugely popular iFart app, Apple denied iFart from making its HD debut on the iPad. This comes as a surprise since the app itself doesn’t violate any of Apple’s App Store rules such as an app being too profane or crude. Instead, the issue here is the app’s lack of functionality. What makes the issue more surprising is the iFart app has been around since 2008 and is ranked as a all-time Top 20 app. If you think about it, people can just download the iPhone version of the app and run it on their iPads, so it’s silly for Apple to outright deny the iFart app based on its lack of functionality.

This is an unfortunate blow to novelty app developers and their millions of adoring fans. As magical as the iPad is, there’s just something more magical about an iPad that can accurately play the sound of a “Burrito Maximo”.

[Via TechCrunch]

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