Get Adobe Flash 10.1 Player on your Motorola Droid (as long as you have Froyo)

Did you just update your Verizon Motorola Droid to the Android 2.2 OS (Froyo) ROM that we posted earlier today? Well, there’s more to the Froyo update than just enabling native USB tethering and getting faster system performance (thanks to the JIT compiler) on your stealth-black Android phone. With Android 2.2 loaded on your Droid, you can actually start playing with Adobe’s Flash 10.1 Player. It’s not as simple as going to Adobe’s website and downloading the beta version of their Android-based Flash player, but with a little elbow grease, you should be getting jiggy with all sorts of Flash-based content in no time flat!

Here’s the deal. You have to have Android 2.2 OS (codename Froyo) installed on your phone of choice in order to install the Flash player. But, seeing as how the only available Froyo update for the Droid is deep in “unofficial” territory, you’re going to run into problems trying to access the Flash 10.1 Player download from the official Adobe download link. To get around that problem, you’re going to have to download the installation file to your handset. After downloading the .apk file, you can install the Flash-playing software directly from the phone itself. Alternatively, you can download the .apk file to your desktop and transfer the file to your Motorola Droid.

Adobe Flash 10.1 Player works impressively well on the Nexus One, but we can’t speak to its performance on the Verizon Droid. As long as you refrain from running too many background apps on your Droid, you’ll probably be fine, but don’t come to us complaining if you bog down the phone with multiple apps and Flash-heavy webpages.

Now, before you get all crazy about the Froyo update on your Droid, keep in mind that the hacked ROM does not support WiFi at the moment. If Verizon’s 3G data network is enough to keep you satisfied, go ahead and install the ROM after brushing up on the required reading. You’ll also have to configure your Android 2.2 Froyo system to accept installation files from “unknown sources.” Do this by navigating to Settings > Applications and check the box for “Unknown Sources.”

If you’re ready to take the plunge, simply download the Flash 10.1 Player apk file below and get crackin’!

Adobe Flash 10.1 Player beta installation file

[Via: DroidLife]

  • mike

    WiFi DOES work. There are custom kernels available from P3Droid that enable more overclocking options and fix the broken WiFi.

  • Esteban

    Hi, I´m from Argentina and I whish put on froyo in my milestone.
    Milestone how all know, is brother of Droid.
    I don´t found folders nandroid and clockwork in the SD/Card of phone
    The question is: ¿ How I must intall this?

    I´m root, and I´dont found folders yet.


    • Tolpi

      i simply downloaded the file, mounted my phone and transfered the file to the root of my SD card, unmounted it, then used the app 'android mate' (or any file exploring app) to locate the file on the phone and installed it from there.. hope that helps

  • rverma

    works perfectly

  • sheri

    I am unable to download this file directly to my phone. After clicking regular download, I get a download unsuccessful message. It states that my phone does not support this content. I have Froyo.

  • Craig

    I downloaded the .apk file and installed it but when I tried to launch it, it gave me this error "Activity Not Found – com.adobe.flashplayer

  • guest

    i followed these directions and the installation worked perfectly. to get the adobe 10.1 file (and first, the 2.2 operating system) on my phone, i downloaded them to my pc and then moved them to my motorola droid. following the suggestion in an above comment, i used the app "android mate" to find and install the adobe file from my sd card (android mate found free in the marketplace).

  • josh

    worked great… followed instructions posted by tolpi above and now playing fancast

  • Billy

    worked like a charm . . download to your computer, mount your phone, drag to your sd card – not in a sub folder inside, unmount and install with astr file manager, go to any flash games site to try it out, if u go to the adobe site to check on the little 3d square it wont register, adobe it blocking us from being able to test it on their site because its not out to everyone yet just like the first post read!

  • Chris

    For those of you like me that got the update today, there's another way to do this which is useful if you dont have your USB cord. Email the apk file to yourself and you can click "install" directly from the email! It will even prompt you to allow unknown sources. Don't give up if it shows "Fetching attachment…" when you try to install, it takes about 2 minutes.

  • steve

    i just updated my droid to 2.2 an downloaded adobe to the phone. how do i find the file to open it or to see if its working?? an is there anything on rootin with 2.2. yet cuz i would love to root my droid 2.2

  • Justin Mathewson

    All you have to do is download the actual file from your PHONE, after its done open it to install. If you open and it says blocked from installing all you have to do is go to settings/applications and turn on “install unknown sources” then bring up web browser/settings/downloads and re-click the file and boom it will now install. Now this was done after the offical froyo launch that came down recently, dont know if it changes how to install the flash with a copy of froyo off the net that wasent offically released and obtainted off the net.

  • bbendelow

    I downloaded the 10.1, I have the 2.2 update, but when I go to browser, settings, downloads, its there but when I click to install it goes to andro zip, .sd card, and its a blank screen, it does not install anything, what am I doing wrong, I also checked box to allow from unkown source, motorola droid, w/2.2 updated. Please reply to

  • jason

    downloaded straight to droid. file was located in sdcard/download. clicked to install. works like a champ! Thanks!

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