Live: Apple WWDC 2010 – iPhone 4G / HD unveiling!

So here we are at Apple’s WWDC 2010 Conference to see the iPhone 4G / HD debut as Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone. That’s right, it’s that time of year again when Apple shows the world what they’ve been secretly (or not so secretly) working on over the past year or so.

We’re bringing you live (partially) streamed coverage of all the goings on at WWDC today, so make sure to keep checking back on this live blog. From the early pre-show happenings to the keynote, you can count in IntoMobile for all the hit-by-hit coverage of the new iPhone!

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  • brittani

    1. do you think iphone will continue to be att exclusive? 2. will you continue to stream the keynote?


    Wow…. So far…. LAME

  • Guest

    is that you ian?

  • josh

    heck yes but wat is imovie

  • walid1man

    So excited about about this new phone. Release date pleas!

  • Da Brown

    Just got rid of my iPhone 3G for the HTC Evo. AT&T Stinks…Verizon’s data plan is high. It’s a loose loose situation for the consumers.

  • Sas

    nothing on Multi tasking yet!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    any news on carrier

  • Jon

    Oh man here comes Ads galore to our iphones…. oh no..!

  • Eric

    So…does it do video calls??

  • Jon

    Do these comments actually work.. ?

  • Dan

    Carrier, Carrier, Carrier.????

  • Fred

    but the demo was 64GB ???

  • Dan

    there will be a crack for that over GSM

  • LOLIPhone

    wow Apple is finally getting with the 21st century with multitasking…Congratulations on claiming some more old technology is your own and being able to sell it again, Apple!

  • Dan

    Yeah awesome coverage.. shame there is no 64GB iPhone though..

  • sara

    well, i don't care the name is iphone 4G or iphone HD, the first problem i consider is the price, On the other hand, I am a little worry about whether my iPhone 3G apps also work well on the new version, here is my apps list on my iPhone now:

    Shazam- a free music application tells you what songs you’re listening to, what artist sings it, and where to buy it.

    Winx DVD to iPhone Ripper-convert the DVD content to iPhone

    Google App for the iPhone- I use this to search my phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc.

    eReader-I use it to download ebooks directly to my iPhone.

    WeatherBug-offers sooooo many worldwide locations whether. Totally satisfy even the most traveled users.

    So what’s my next plan? Of cause ,waiting for the iPhone 4G release day then test if my apps work well on the new version. Good luck for me~

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