Floracle is a flowery fortune-telling iPhone app

Here’s an app that will make you relax and get some inspiration while on the go. It’s called Floracle, and using it you will definitely learn much about flowers.

Inside the app, you meet a mystical soothsayer by the name of Delphinia, the Oracle of Flowers, that delivers inspiring messages through a beautiful detailed set of digital screenshots.

You can browse through Delphinia’s library of flowers or just let her select the flower that will add focus and positive affirmation to your day. Every 12 hours you can get a new flower, or you can offer Delphinia gold, silver or incense to get a new flower sooner.

There is a total of 55 flowers to learn about, from Amaryllis through Zinnia, with each message also containing a special insight regarding to love, friendship, and success.

In a nutshell, it’s like a quotes app, only more colorful and potentially more inspiring. You can grab it for 99 cents from a link below.

Floracle ($0.99) [iTunes link]

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