Ford’s ‘Send To SYNC’ Beams Google Maps Directions to Ford SYNC Vehicles

We’ve been writing about Ford’s SYNC service for quite some time now, and who can blame us, their continual update to their service calls for some attention. Today is another one of those updates, but this by far has got to be one of the coolest updates yet.

Ford announced today a new update to their SYNC service called “Send to SYNC” that will allow users to send destinations from Google Maps to their SYNC Traffic, Directions, & Information (TDI) App on their Ford vehicle.  The way it works is the user would look up directions in Google Maps, to which the option to send the directions to their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle will be available via a “send” menu on the site. The information will be transmitted to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. Then all the user has to do is head to their vehicle, connect to SYNC’s TDI App, and after a quick confirmation of the downloaded Google Maps route, SYNC will give the driver audible turn-by-turn directions.  Best of all, if you own an existing 2010-2011 Ford with SYNC TDI, you can expect the update to be available to you at no extra cost, installation of hardware, or updates later this month.

As an owner of a brand new 2010 Ford Focus, I can tell you first hand that Ford’s SYNC service is an amazing option to have on my vehicle. Using its audible turn-by-turn GPS wasn’t too hard to set up on my own, although I did have difficulties when I wanted to go somewhere but didn’t know the address. With this latest “Send to SYNC” update, finding my way to unknown places just got that much easier.

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