Myriad Group, MIPS Technologies launch Dalvik Turbo virtual machine for Android

MIPS Technologies and Myriad Group AG launched a high-performance full method-based Dalvik Turbo virtual machine (VM) optimized for the MIPS architecture that is made to replace the standard Android Dalvik engine. As a result, performance should be accelerated up to 5 times on real-world Android applications running on MIPS-based devices.

Here’s how it works (from the press release):

With Dalvik Turbo VM, MIPS licensees can create SoCs with faster, more complex applications and richer game graphics optimized for Android smartphones and other high-performance consumer devices without requiring significant increases in device memory. The VM also provides substantial battery life improvements when running resource intensive tasks, all while retaining full compatibility with existing software. Myriad’s Dalvik Turbo VM is operational on all current versions of Android up to and including versions 2.1 (Éclair) and soon to be available for 2.2 (Froyo).

As for the availability, an evaluation version of the optimized VM will be available free-of-charge through the Android on MIPS community.

Finally, in case you wonder, Myriad has so far contributed significantly to the Android platform, including such standalone applications such as a WAP browser, MMS messaging, SyncML client, DRM module and IMPS client. The company is also responsible for the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) framework within the Open Handset Alliance…

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