Sprint HTC EVO 4G sold out everywhere!

While this may not be the best news if you were thinking of picking up a Sprint HTC EVO 4G today, but this is certainly good news for Sprint. It appears that the HTC EVO 4G is sold out across the country, though more shipments are coming this week.

Though there have been no solid numbers announced, its projected that the EVO has sold well over 200,000 units so far. Impressive indeed for Sprint and the EVO 4G, which shatters the Palm Pre’s numbers. Better yet, EVO demand doesn’t look to be slowing down. The EVO has done so well, that the initial launch crashed Sprint’s computer system due to the onslaught of eager EVO owners looking to activate their device. Taylor over at AndroidAndMe was told from his local Best Buy that the next upcoming order is specifically for those who had pre-ordered. So it seems even if they do get them in, they may still be sold out to those that pre-ordered the handset. This is really great news for the country’s third biggest carrier, as they needed this kind of win.

Sprint Stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Wal*Mart, and a ton of online retailers are all sold out, with new shipments expected later this week. The only place I’ve been able to actually find one of these devices for sale is Craigslist, and you should hit it up if you don’t mind paying more than double the price that Sprint is asking for it. Even if you were to buy the phone outright, you’d still have to sign a two-year contract, so your best bet is to just wait it out. Though, pre-ordering was the smartest idea to do, especially if you didn’t attend the Google I/O.

With Sprint’s 4G network still in the process of being rolled out, I’m wondering how many people who are buying the phone assuming that 4G coverage is already available in their ‘hood, only to be disappointed. Sure, that kind of oversight would be the customer’s fault, but with so many ads that Sprint is coming out talking up 4G, it seems easy to assume it’s already out and about everywhere.

While 4G is a great feature of the device, it’s certainly not all the EVO has to offer, and should deter someone from buying it just because 4G service isn’t available to them at the time of purchase.

Good for you Sprint and HTC, now get some more phones into stores soon. There are a lot of people waiting to put the Sprint HTC EVO 4G in their pockets today!

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[Via: AndroidAndMe]

  • Mike in PA

    Three words. Love my EVO.

  • john

    Disappointed in sprint. I was told that the phone will not be available for 6 to 14 weeks. I will just port to At&t to purchase the IPhone 4 on June 24th.

    • blakestimac

      Maybe you should just wait, and after 6 to 14 weeks, then there may just be another, more impressive option than both devices above.

  • mamacita


  • 4g in pa

    i love my evo best phone so far i wont trade it for an iphone

  • Sean


  • Scott

    pretty crappy to only have 200K out in the wild. should have waited to launch. Its even more irritating you can just order one and be on a list. I have never seen a company not want to take my money…weird business model.

  • manuel

    Best phone in the market so far!!!

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