metaio’s Zombie ShootAR is augmented reality shooter game for select Nokia smartphones

Just when we thought metaio (and Layar for that matter) has forgotten about Symbian S60 users, the maker of junaio blessed Nokia’s Ovi Store with augmented reality game – Zombie ShootAR. As you can guess for yourself, it [game] utilizes the camera live-stream for optical tracking and 3D rendering to create an interactive experience.

Don’t expect too much though. metaio describes it as an “early example of this new category of augmented reality games” and in that sense Zombie ShootAR can be seen as a “true milestone.”

I’m not excited about the game at all. What I’m excited about is that metaio is finally giving the S60 platform the credit it deserves. I’ve no doubts we’ll soon see junaio released in the Ovi Store as well. Then afterwards, Layar will have to follow, cause they shouldn’t just watch their fierce competitor “attacking” such a large market as Symbian S60 device owners.

Anyway, if you want to try out Zombie ShootAR, simply search for it in the Ovi Store or click on a link below. But before you do that, make sure to check out a short demo video after the jump.

Zombie ShootAR (FREE) [Ovi Store link]

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