Video: Nexus One hacked to support 720p video recording

The best Android device on the market right now, and this is debatable, but many are saying it’s the Sprint EVO 4G. Frankly, you’d have to pay me to use one since it’s beyond massive. It’s colossal. That and the battery life stinks, and this coming from reviewers who have been using a Nexus One as their main device. I have a Nexus One, and battery life is border line tolerable, and on a few days downright annoying. One of the things that the EVO 4G does that no other Android device does is 720p video recording. Since the EVO 4G has the same 1 GHz processor as the Nexus One, then is it the camera module in the Nexus One that made Google offer the device without HD recording?

You’d think that, but then the crazy modders at XDA banged their heads together and got 720p video recording working on the Google Phone. Better frame rates, and better audio capture are on the roadmap, plus support for Android 2.2 (FroYo). You’ve got to admire these guy’s tact. It’s refreshing to see people squeezing the absolute most out of their devices before upgrading. It reminds me of the early PC days when it was cool to have the side panel of you computer off, and you’d do everything just to get that little bit extra amount of power. Arguably phones are easier to replace than the $2,000+ computers from back in the day, but still … HACK THE PLANET!

[Via: Engadget]

  • Dirk D.

    I get great battery life. On the days that I use the EVO hard I get 12 hours. On the day that I do not use it that much I can get 15-18 hours out of it. I do not understand what everyone is complaning about. I love my EVO.

    • Guest

      I have to agree I get grat battery life out of my evo.

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