iPhone preorder madness – Apple, AT&T stores crushed by iPhone 4 pre-orders [Update: Use the Apple Store app]

Think people are excited about the iPhone 4? The next smartphone from Apple went live for preorders this morning and the websites for AT&T and Apple couldn’t keep up with the demand.

The preorder capability went live early this morning and many users have been reporting multiple problems. AT&T’s servers appear to be overwhelmed too and this has a domino effect on Apple’s website because the company has to check the carrier’s servers for upgrade eligibility and other factors before letting a pre-order request go through.

“I’ve been attempting to pre-order the new iPhone 4 for the past 2 1/2 hours on Apple.com. Every time I attempt to order it, I always receive an error when Apple is attempting to communicate with AT&T to verify my account,” our own Daniel Perez said. “This is just another way AT&T has ruined the iPhone experience.”

Another thing that may be contributing to the problem is that Apple also just released an Apple Store app for its iOS products this morning. This app enables users to pre-order the iPhone 4 directly on their devices. Well, it would if the websites were working.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, despite the early prototype leaks, the next iPhone still looks pretty impressive. I’d argue its the biggest update to the iPhone lineup we’ve seen yet. The design is new and Apple says its the thinnest smartphone on the planet. The camera has been boosted to 5 megapixels and there’s a front-facing camera that can be used for video calling. The screen has also been improved and the Retina Display packs 326 pixels per inch – supposedly beyond the limit at which the human eye can resolve individual pixels.

But it’s not just the exterior, as the iPhone 4 rocks the A4 processor inside. This is the same chip that powers the blazing fast iPad, so it should help Apple’s smartphone perform. This should especially come in handy now that iOS rocks multitasking and background processing.

Have you been trying to pre-order an iPhone 4? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

The madness continues online but we’re seeing that using the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPod Touch makes pre-ordering much easier. In fact, we’ve pre-ordered an iPhone 4 using the app and it was a pleasant experience. The whole ordering process via the app took about three minutes.

If you’re still going through the website, you may be hit with one of these:

This is what the Apple Store app for iPhone looks like when you preorder and iPhone 4:

  • Mike

    Been trying to order all morning. Did no one anticipate the added demand? Way to tarnish the roll out of a new product…….

    • Brambleman

      Logged on at 5:30am Pacific, went to AT&T's site…and clicked through without lag. Now I shall sit by the door and wait for my new sexy ice cream sandwich.

  • etmakesmovies

    I have been trying for hours, same results you report. Getting frustrating!

  • daigoro

    I don’t think it was a domino effect caused by the overwhelmed AT&T servers. I first tried the Apple Store site for an hour, to no avail. I went to the AT&T site. They got me thru on my first attempt!

    A big thumb down for Apple. Yay to AT&T.

    • Chase

      Same here. AT&T did it for me first try. Apple had the problems. Just goes to show it’s a dam good
      phone! Everyone should be happy everyones ordering one.

  • Al_Titinik

    Baby Dougie… IN JAIL

  • Jesse

    I've been trying to place my order for the iPhone for 5 hours. Daniel Perez has it right, AT&T has found a way to ruin the iPhone before you even order it this time.

  • Mark Mc.

    1st one in line at Best Buy this morning for pre sale. Guaranteed my black 32gb. Now I can show up to the store a day or two after launch and (hopefully) get it up and running smoothly.

  • Ben Bennett

    i have been trying to pre order on apple.com for the last 4 hours and 45 minutes!!! I mostly get time-out errors when apple is communicating with ATT for account information. This is very frustrating!! I called Apple yesterday, who told me the site would go live at 12:01am…. i tried to get in every hour on the hour all night long and couldn't get to the store until 7am this morning. I think i'd rather wait in a line all night long and get face to face service than stare at an unresponding computer website!!

  • @DJFrustration

    I've been trying since 8:30AM EDT to no avail. This is yet another reason why Apple has shot themselves in the foot by getting into bed exclusively with AT&T in the US. Exclusivity translates to owning all of your "partner's" problems, including this BIG one! Shame on Apple for not terminating their exclusive agreement with AT&T. If this doesn't accelerate the push to another carrier, I don't know what will.

    • Mike

      DJ-are you serious? No server can handle that much traffic regardless of the carrier. Would it kill you to not be the first to have it? Relax it’s a phone buddy.

  • chris

    tried multiple times on att site and apple site and had no luck until i downloaded the new apple app and reserved it from there first try no problem

  • guest

    I tried to pre order from apple.com for about 30 miunutes, then logged into my account at AT&T. Had no issues there. Had my pre order in about 10 minutes

    • Nada

      Can you pick up your phone from the apple store or does AT&T send it to you directly?

  • Irriated

    Horrible. round and round we go.. to no where.

  • Julio

    I went through AT&T and pre-ordered it. I tried Apple all morning and could get nowhere. I tried AT&T this morning and it was worse than Apple. Then it said they were upgrading the network and a few minutes ago, I got in! It was very slow but I just waited patiently… for two minutes after each page opened!

  • Jay

    I went to the At&t store this morning and preorder went through in about 7 minutes. 3rd person in line and store opened at 9am. I got there at 8:50. Much easier. we all should have seen the crashing coming, i mean how long did it take AT&T to release the mms feature on the 3G?

  • Diane

    Went to the Apple Store this morning so I could get "personal" service and pre-order my first IPhone. Was simply directed to log onto apple.com on a store computer and then advised the system was down! Now have been trying to pre-order from Apple Store and home for about 5 hours! I may have to call a friend with the new Apple Store App and ask him to order me one too!

  • dagny

    Had trouble with Apple.com for a couple of hours, and then tried AT&T. No problems there – worked on my first try.

  • Pablo

    I had no problem with AT&T this morning. Got in and upgraded quickly on my first try. I must have lucked out..

  • ipreorderediphone4

    AT&T is NOT the problem. I tried all morning. Just clicking the pre-order button took 10 minutes for the next page to load. Apple servers were up and down posting "We'll be back soon" after finally getting through ready to check out…it crashed. Finally I got fed up with Apple's store, and tried AT&T. Went through without a hitch. Took me 5 minutes with AT&T. Guess you should have tried AT&T first, Daniel.

  • Ben

    Trying to use att to add a new line to my family talk and keep getting an error message A1248

  • Paul

    Ditto ditto ditto…

  • Andrew

    I got on early this morning around 6:30AM in the morning, just a few minutes after they started doing it. I live on the east coast and it went through fine…..of course, my friend waited until an hour later and that's when the trouble started. If the server is working right, it should only take 2-3 mins to pre-order this phone. I got my confirmation email at 7:10AM this morning. I'm all set to pick it up. I order the 32GB model.

  • radical24

    walked into att store about 10 mins ago and ordered one right on the spot. no issues, no hassle no stress. it was short and sweet tho their systems appear to be really slow.

  • marinperez

    We were able to use the iPhone Apple Store app to quickly order. Posting our confirmation screen soon.

    Still, get your effing act together Apple. Stop making it so hard for people to give you their money!

  • Daman

    Tried to order from both Apple and AT&T early this morning before work with no luck. Had the same issues that everyone else is having on both sites. Came to work and gave it the good ole “one last try” before I started my work day fully expecting my company firewall to add to the disaster. Got onto AT&T.com, suffered through EXTREMELY slow page loads due to the added love of the firewall but low and behold, got to the end of the process. After clicking submit, rec’d the lovely “This page cannot be displayed” message from my browser but a few seconds later, an email confirmation popped up in my inbox saying my order went through and was confirmed, order number and all! Needless to say I was floored as it looks like I was one of the lucky few and all it took was the added love of my company firewall!

  • hockeymom4

    I "reserved" my new iphone through the app store only to receive the following fine print in the confirmation email:

    Pre-authorization does not guarantee iPhone availability at an Apple Retail Store. iPhone is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • bobby d

    I still have not gotten a confirmation email from Apple! it has been about 5 hours. I don't have a printer hooked up to my laptop so I couldn't print the order summary page and now I have no order number.

  • jeremy herold

    Wasn't able to get the phone from apple
    but was finally able to get it when i went into radio shack!

  • Brandon d cohen

    Tried for 5 hours apple is bogged down even apple app I downloaded didn’t work finally AT&T website worked 5 hours of torture

  • Roy

    had the same in Germany. Tried at 9:50 to preorder, but there was no sign of preordering. Just a bit After 10 there it was on the site of T-Mobile. But sloooooooow. I tried for so long till I had to work. In my brake I called them and got surprised that the 32gb version is blocked already and only the 16gb was available. Im not gonna waste two years on a 16gb if I have to wait just 9 days till the 24th. Should’ve called this morning…. But still shit….

  • Chris

    Spent 3 hours trying to pre-order on Apple and/or AT&T sites with no luck. Was doing a Google search for "Apple self induced outage" or "Apple roll out kills site" with today's date. No luck there. Then somehow found a link to this site and went and got the "apple store app". Logged in and pre-ordered with no hassle. Thanks for the tip. The Apple Store App is working faster than the 2 sites in my experience.

  • marinperez

    Any luck with the app?

  • Jennifer

    I tried all day yesterday to get mine ordered. I even went to AT&T and they couldn't do it. I'm not happy about this. However, it doesn't mean I won't get this phone.

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