Apple’s iOS 4 Game Center App Live For Developers; New Details Emerge

The big Apple iPhone 4 and iOS 4 reveal has come and gone and even though we know the ins and outs of Apple’s new precious, one thing that I found lacking was information regarding the new iOS 4 gaming service known as Game Center.  Game Center, as you may recall, was announced at the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event in early April. It was praised by a number of big name iPhone game publishers for its promise to offer iPhone users what they’ve been trying to do for the past year or so on the iPhone: Offer a sense of community among iPhone gamers similar to what is available on consoles & PC / Mac.Today, it looks  like we’ve finally got some information on the Game Center thanks to the service going live for iPhone developers.

According to reports, iPhone 4 and iOS 4 users can log in to Game Center with their existing Apple ID account. New users have the ability to create new accounts as well within the service. Once logged in, the user will create a nickname for themselves, which will be your public-facing name throughout Game Center ecosystem.  You can then proceed to enable or disable your account to receive game invites from other Game Center players, as well as the ability to find your Game Center account by email (which can be linked to multiple email addresses.) The “Me” homescreen displays your Game Center nickname, number of friends, games played, & achievements earned. The Me homescreen also allows users to add / deny friends or view friend requests.

Game Center looks to be shaping up nicely judging by these recent reports. Since the release time for Game Center is set for the Fall, allowing iPhone game developers to tinker around with it for the next couple of months will certainly help in allowing a high number of games support the service once it’s released.

Gaming on the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 devices will surely get more interesting before the end of the year. We can’t wait!

[Via AppleInsider]

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